Press Start 2 Continue

Press Start 2 Continue

In this sequel to the acclaimed videogame comedy PRESS START, the world's most inexplicably accomplished evil sorcerer, Count Vile, has returned from Hades for a new bid at global domination. With original champions Zack and Sam already in his clutches, it's up to their estranged, ultraviolent comrade Lin-Ku and the bubbly, positive-thinking Princess Xanna to save them – and the world – from disaster. PRESS START 2 CONTINUE also adds fan favorite characters from the "Press Start Adventures" animated web series including the sardonic vampire lord Vlad (David S. Humphrey, Sonic Adventure 2 & Jack Keane), sinister succubus Morgan Le Slay, and white-haired assassin Scarthcaroth. Web personalities Noah Antwiler, Stuart Ashen, Lindsey "Z" Briggs, and X-Strike Studios' Tim Ekkebus & Rory O’Boyle also join the cast.

In this sequel to the acclaimed videogame comedy PRESS START, the evil sorcerer Count Vile has returned from Hades for a new bid at global domination. With original champions Zack and Sam ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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CharlesLouis T (es) wrote: Correct drle, mais sans plus. Jenny Slate est trs attachante, mais parle un peu trop de fart... ??

Elisabeth M (it) wrote: in the beginning entertaining

Justin W (ag) wrote: Bonnie and Clyde inspired, this movie pushes the paradox between good and bad karma. But it felt not enough, as if certain aspects is missing in the movie. If you think about the movie once more, it felt no brainer, and the director feels like being Johnnie To. Watchable though

Barry T (gb) wrote: slow and very very boring not recommended

Cristi B (gb) wrote: dak taiau putin din film poate iesea mai bine

bill s (mx) wrote: As a movie it's a zero but as soft porn it's a ten.

Samantha S (it) wrote: well done! Excellent performances by all and Jon Seda is gorgeous.

Gregory W (it) wrote: another good drama from altman

Maineutral R (fr) wrote: This isn't a necessary movie, the story itself just covers one of many battles of the story of the Apes, but nothing that takes character development or multiple plotlines coming to a great conclusion, instead goes for this one linear plot that goes on auto-pilot. Battle for the Planet of the Apes is the final chapter in the original series produced by P. Jacobs, and surely it's weak, it's redundant, generic and nothing proud of the original Planet of the Apes, but in comparison with other Apes sequels, this one is pure mindless fun. Roddy McDowall is back as Caesar, so is Natalie Trundy as Lisa and Austin Stoker as MacDonald (no, this isn't obvious product placement). All these actors do a well job, even if the script does nothing besides telling their part in the story, nothing complex or significant. Actually, even the new characters have nothing special, they're just extras in the plot and their participation is barely unforgettable. The story is weak, all they do is, go to a city, the city pursuits them, they battle, it ends; but it's fast-paced, short and fun, even if it does feel tedious at times, specially telling human characters scenes. Overall, it offers absolutely nothing new, but I don't think that was the movie's objective. The objective was one last movie, and that's it. If it were something special, then this wouldn't be the last chapter, it would surely spawn another and another until they really have nothing. But this is already a last gasp in the creator's minds: there's nothing else to tell, and they knew it, so they created this simplistic yet fun last breath of the Apes saga. Battle for the Planet of the Apes is simplistic, mindless, needless and lacks any ambition, but its way better than the second and fourth films, especially the second film, which was a complete disaster, and do I have to remind anyone of that horrible ending? Ugh. Battle is careless when it comes to do something new, but on itself, it does take care of all it can offer: a battle. It wasn't epic, it wasn't necessary at all, but it could have been worse. It could have lacked any battle at all and end suddenly out of know, like the second movie, Beneath the Planet of the Apes! Battle is fun, and a calmed good-bye and repeat for the saga. They think the Forbidden City was radioactive, ha! They should see where they filmed The Conqueror with John Wayne. Dumbasses. HAPPY HOLIDAYS REVIEWS PART 19: Battle for the Planet of the Apes (1973)

Lauri L (us) wrote: Impulsive ride and throing in thew moment. Here how actors are is the conent.

Madhu P (au) wrote: This movie was funny. The dream montages, where her racket shrunk, and the net grew, were hilarious. A woman has to play sports for herself, not for anyone else. Even a coach, or a boyfriend, or a fiance.

Adrian B (de) wrote: A triumphant return from retirement from Astaire - who dances as gracefully as ever. The irresistible numbers of 'Steppin' Out With my Baby' and 'Drum Crazy' does justice to the great talent of Fred Astaire. Judy Garland's performance is no less memorable, as it is both comedic and enchanting. A real gem from MGM's golden age.

Steve W (ca) wrote: Simple and effective, Judo Saga is Akira Kurosawa's debut film. Its about a young man who learns judo but hasn't mastered what it means to be humble and see the meaning of life. His great judo skills pit him against rivals in the martial arts world, as well as a love interest and a love triangle subplot. You can see some of the simple imagery, from the reeds in the wind whipping about outside as a letter of challenge is sent to the protagonist. Its brief and short, but the music and quiet moments are beautifully shot and acted, for a great debut from a great filmmaker.

Arun K (kr) wrote: An amazing movie - at last we see an origins story for the caped crusader and Bale lives the role to perfection. Shows the emotional backstory of the Batman brilliantly. Nolan's thought process & film making is simply outstanding.