Pretend I'm Not Here

Pretend I'm Not Here

Eric is a lonely voyeur who is thrilled when a strange couple, Fabienne and Tom, move in next door. Will Eric stop being a mere spectator at last?

Eric is a lonely voyeur who is thrilled when a strange couple, Fabienne and Tom, move in next door. Will Eric stop being a mere spectator at last? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Monica T (nl) wrote: Thank goodness for MST3k or I wouldn't have been able to finish this.

Al M (de) wrote: A strange entry in the Hammer canon that is not exactly a vampire film as its title might suggest. Instead, Countess Dracula mixes equal amounts of eroticism, humor, and gothicity to produce a film that is entertaining although for reasons not easily explicable. It's the classic story of a woman who must use virgin's blood to restore her beauty, which oddly enough works well enough as a plot.

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Faisal A (us) wrote: Mark Kermode, a film critic I will admire till Kingdom Come, named this "The best Giant Killer Pig Movie" (though I'm not sure if this was a global measure or solely Australia). Either way, the movie is fun but does get messy and silly. I do not care for the American couple who are unfortunately a part of this film, as they are not very well portrayed nor written. The 2 australian redneck brothers are very annoying too. The one character to be invested in is Jake Cullen, the man out for revenge for the Razorback's murder of his grandson. The movie looks wonderful with its atmospheric set pieces and great outback wilderness. There was one particularly funny scene with a man watching standup comedy in his house (actually the second time you see him doing so), which is for me, my personal favourite scene in the film. I wish the story was handled differently, but hey, how often do you see Giant Killer Boars at the movies these days?

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