Pretty Poison

Pretty Poison

A young man gets in over his head when he convinces a small-town girl he's a secret agent.

When disturbed young man Dennis Pitt becomes attracted to teenager Sue Ann Stepenek, he tells her that he really is a secret agent and takes her into adventures. Unfortunately, these adventures often end up in murder, sending Dennis into dead-end trouble. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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DeeJay A (de) wrote: I just love love love this movie. The cinematography is top notch, as well as the acting. This is one of those movies that will be in my list of favourite movies in my life. Its beautiful and very dramatic.

Alan C (us) wrote: "Tom, Dick, and Hairy" China version

Pete S (kr) wrote: It wasn't that bad, but the special effects were a bit 50's like.

Jerry A (nl) wrote: hard to believe, effects went that great, you could tell it was really fake, but still..a fairly good movie, good story. coulda been really good if the effects were even a bit believeable

Luke S (es) wrote: I love anything with Annette Bening in it. She plays the drugged out middle aged woman very well such as in Mrs. Harris and Running with Scissors. very interesting movie. makes you rethink the typical bad guy-good guy murder case.

John B (de) wrote: Mildly interesting. I suspect that this was a first film with a limited budget. Not that this is a bad thing but it lacks smooth execution.

Christine C (fr) wrote: An unoriginal concept executed in a moderately interesting way.

Stephen L (it) wrote: Each year I cannot imagine letting December 7th pass without loading up this movie and watching it. (Staying awake permitting).

Zoran S (ru) wrote: Enjoyable W.C. Fields comedy. It's slightly less absurd than other films of his, but it has some great moments.

Collin R (de) wrote: ok fine the script is weak but this movie is very character driven also survives on its cameos and there isnt anything wrong with that at all its a blast to wattch and is hilarious every character does there role just simply perfect

Walter C (br) wrote: Small time pimp, Black rabbit moves to the big city with Fox and Bear after his father dies and takes over the underworld scene in this Ralph Bakshi cartoon. This movie plays out like most blaxploitation films I've seen and the movie has the same feel as 'Heavy Traffic.' I'd say this is one of Bakshi's better movies.Fans of Bakshi and blaxploitation cinema should enjoy.

Tom R (ag) wrote: Great series of books, awful movie

michelle w (gb) wrote: I was actually not a big fan of the first film. Perhaps it was the lack of a strong plot that did not quite fit well with me.

Robert H (kr) wrote: A solid thriller a la Funny Games that had the audience gasping, wincing and cringing at the 2012 Toronto After Dark Film Festival.Fantastically twisted performances by all the actors involved help deliver a very dark take on home invasion.I did find the ending a bit rushed and would have rather something darker but it doesn't change the fact that the film succeeds in accomplishing what it set out to do.

Tim G (jp) wrote: I was not impressed with another stakeout one bit it was not necessary to make a sequel to this film rosie o'donnells character ruins the film I found her to be very pushy and over bearing