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In this adolescent-oriented drama, a young woman is forced to attend a posh finishing school in the Mediterranean. She vents her anger by rebelling against the cruel and sicko headmaster. ...

When she discovers that he has been secretly photographing them naked and profiting from the pictures, she rallies the other girls and gets revenge. She vents her anger by rebelling against the cruel and sicko headmaster. In this adolescent-oriented drama, a young woman is forced to attend a posh finishing school in the Mediterranean

Pretty Smart is a new movie of Melanie J. Alschuler (story), Jeff Begun (story), Dan Hoskins (screenplay). This movie was introduced in 1987. You can check list actors in this movies torrent, for example Tricia Leigh Fisher, Lisa Lörient, Dennis Cole, Patricia Arquette, Kimberly B. Delfin, Paris Vaughan, Joely Fisher, Beckish, Kjerstin Viebrock, Julie K. Smith, Holly Nelson, Syndle Kirkland, Elizabeth Davis, Charlotte-Michele Grenzer, Kim Waltrip. There are many categories, such as Drama. The rating is 5 in www.imdb.com. This is really a good movies torrent. Please support us via sharing this movies to your friends . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Users reviews

Brian P (de)

not as good as the original still very good watch

Carabo P (gb)

-). . . Cmo molan los biopics de escoria humana

Edson S (ca)

Great fantasy Medivival Movie! At first it was a liitle weird but then it got Intersting

Gabriel A (it)

Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby tem um inicio dessastroso mas evolui na segunda parte, com um final considervel, no entanto, as risadas no somam muito, o exagero caricatural dos personagens distante de uma pessoa real o que torna as piadas bobas e simplistas, o roteiro tem alguns momentos inteligentes mas o filme apenas 105 minutos de absurdo obsceno. Reilly, Sacha Baron Cohen, Gary Cole, Michael Clarke Duncan, Leslie Bibb, Jane Lynch e Amy Adams. O filme tambm apresenta John C. Comdia dirigida por Adam McKay , estrelado por Will Ferrell , e escrito por McKay e Ferrell

Grant S (fr)

Avoid. Tries to be dramatic, but is actually quite empty. Convoluted yet boring. Nonsensical from start to finish

Jason D (gb)

It's not too bad though, there were some mildly amusing parts but other than that, it was pretty mediocre. Tried to rip off Jurassic Park but failed miserably. Mediocre nature run-amok film about an orphaned boy and a scientist battling large pissed off Komodos on an island

Kdk K (ag)

Get over it or don't watch it, but for a romantic movie, it's good and on the contrary of hollyood it's not so stereotyped (and sexist). For them the idea of love is based on freedom, and even the concept of properly dating doesn't seem to exist. For the french love is passion, desir and pain : it's neither perfect nor suitable. Most of the people don't understand that it's another culture, less conservative and prude, less ruled by codes, so is love too. Anyway juvenile? childish? Yes it's the point of the movie, jeux d'enfants means childhood games. After seeing the french version, i think the english one don't really translate the whole idea of the movie

Lyda M (ag)

Hogan. J. Directed by P. However, acting fell short. Casting was spot on. Julie Hagerty who played Hayley, Luke's Secretary is hilarious. Loved the talking and moving mannequins and the scene where all of Becky's clothes came flying out of her closet. Lots of funny scenes. However, the script is totally different from the book though. Based on Book Adaptations from Confessions of a Shopaholic and Shopaholic Takes Manhattan by Sophie Kinsella. " Rebecca Bloomwood (Isla Fisher) loves to shop but how can she pay for all of her purchases without a job? Enter, Luke Brandon (Hugh Dancy) who was impressed by Becky's article that he accepted her at Successful Saving. It's Derek Smeath. "Do not answer this call

Patrick L (au)

I guess there might be an audience for "Eddie the Eagle" but the movie flaps too much for it's own good. I would've loved to see more about his character's backstory involving his former mentor, Warren Sharp (played by Christopher Walken) but nope, we only get the story about "Eddie the Eagle" which is a shame and pretty boring. Do they want to make him a shy but very kind hero or a shy and awkwardly-social person?Hugh Jackman is the best actor in "Eddie the Eagle" because at least he kept some of his charisma. The movie's biggest flaw is our main protagonist himself because Macaulay and Kelton don't seem to have a clear picture on how to portray Eddie "The Eagle" Edwards". Don't get me wrong, the story about Eddie "The Eagle" Edwards and him achieving Olympic glory could've been an interesting story to tell but the screenplay by Sean Macaulay and Simon Kelton is riddled with pathos, unnecessary goofy hijinks and sports movie cliches. His triumphant jump wins over the crowd and Eddie becomes an Olympic sensation. ) which set a new British record. 5 metres (198 ft. Eddie finally begins his first round in ski jumping and even though he finished in last place, he completed an incredible jump of 60. After his training is completed, Eddie is off to Calgary, Alberta where the Olympics will take place. Eddie wants Bronson to become his coach but he refuses to do so which means that he will teach him. He too calls on Eddie to give up on his dreams but Eddie will always never give up on the thing he loves most. After a few pretty good jumps, Eddie meets bad boy snowplower and former American ski jumper, Bronson Peary, (Hugh Jackman). Unfortunately, the more-seasoned jumpers make fun of himbecause they think Eddie has zero chance in making it in the Olympics. However, Eddie finds a silver lining, instead of skiing, he'll be qualifying as a ski jumper as he goes to a training facility in Germany to train for the Olympics. My God! This movie is a festival of sports movie cliches! As he continues to believe in making the 1988 Olympics, the British Olympic officials reject him because they don't want an embarrassing distraction like Eddie on the skiing team and because the Olympic officials are even bigger douchebags than the father. Another sports cliche that occurs in "Eddie the Eagle" is the underdog who has no chance in achieving sports history ends up making sports history. To make matters worse, there are even bigger douches in this movie who I will mention as I continue with this review. Enough with these jerky fathers! Please somebody director Dexter Fletcher (Wild Bill and Sunshine on Leith) that we are no longer in the 1980s. WOW! Another jerky father who constantly torments his son for trying to achieve his dreams. His mother (Jo Hartley) supports him 100% but his father (Keith Allen) continues to throw the kitchen sink at him for continuing to believe he could make it to Olympic glory. Ever since he was child, Eddie Edwards (Egerton) always dreamed of becoming a famous athlete and competing in the Olympics. "Eddie the Eagle" didn't need to flap in order to become a feel-good sports biopic, it just needed to have real stakes and a sense of purpose. This real life sports story is instantly forgettable as the Eddie "The Eagle" Edwards himself because after he won the gold, he never met the spotlight again. Fresh off the hit action movie "Kingsman: The Secret Service", Taron Egerton plays the socially-awkward skier who seems to find sports movie cliches and douchebag Olympic officials everywhere he goes. "Eddie the Eagle" focuses around of course on Eddie "The Eagle" Edwards, an underdog British skier who overcame incredible odds and achieved the impossible, winning gold at the 1988 Olympics despite suffering from having knee and leg ailments. It's another sports movie that's based on a true story, aren't we all tired of this genre? It aims to be inspirational, funny and awe-inducing like most of the PG-rated Disney sports movies we've been getting lately but "Eddie the Eagle" is a sports movie that shoots itself in the right wing. Audiences and critics were being overly kind to this sentimental washdog of bull$&@?. "DVD Movie Review: Eddie the EagleDate Viewed: July 27 2016Directed By Dexter Fletcher (Wild Bill and Sunshine on Leith)Written By Sean Macaulay and Simon KeltonStarring: Taron Egerton, Hugh Jackman, Christopher Walken, Jim Broadbent, Iris Berben, Jo Hartley, Mark Benton, Keith Allen, Tim McInnerny, Edvin Endre and Marc Benjamin. "Eddie the Eagle didn't need to flap in order to become a feel-good sports biopic, it just needed to have real stakes and a sense of purpose

pedro t (jp)

. . The sparing use of sound and dialogue works in the films favourr and perfectly compliments the solitude of the characters surroundings. The cinematography of the sprawling, isolated Russian landscape is beautiful to behold. . . An intersting film that is more layered than first thought