Prey for Rock & Roll

Prey for Rock & Roll

Prey for Rock & Roll is set in the Los Angeles club scene of the late 1980s and follows the story of Jacki (Gershon) and her all-girl punk rock band, Clam Dandy. On the verge of turning 40, Jacki decides that if the band's one last shot at the big time is unsuccessful, she will give up her dreams of stardom. Along the way, the women are rocked by personal tragedies that threaten to break up the band before they can get their last shot at success.

Prey For Rock & Roll is the story of Jacki and her all-girl rock and roll band, Clam Dandy, who are trying to make it in the LA club scene of the late 1980s. After ten years of being ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Allan C (us) wrote: The list of grindhouse horror classics that were rebooted and worked well is pretty short ("The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" and "The Hills Have Eyes" are two that did work), and this one mostly works and had a clever twist on not simply being a remake or reboot. The premiss here is that 65 years after the masked serial killer in Texarkana went on his killing spree, a new copycat killer is now recreating the murders from the 1970s Charles B. Pierce grindhouse film version of the actual murders. This film boasts a producer, director, and writer from the American Horror Story team, so you would expect something clever and this film does deliver. I think I was most excited when this film brought the Pierce film into the story as a major plot point, including creating a creepy fictional son of Pierce played by AHS regular Denis O'Hare, making the film rather meta. Also appearing in the film are Veronica Cartwright, Anthony Anderson, Gary Cole, Edward Herrmann, Ed Lauter, and even Danielle Harris if you look fast. Overall, this was a clever reboot that although it's not as scary or creepy as I'd have hoped, is smart and never boring.

Kyle M (ag) wrote: A nice satirical look on the hospitality side of a war that was typically well-acted, flowed constantly, and produced a humor for general senses and a clever close for a viewer's enjoyment. (A-)(Full review coming soon)

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Leon B (de) wrote: Review:When I saw the box office takings for this movie, I really thought that there was a typing error but now I have seen it, I'm not surprised. The pace is really slow and nothing major happens in the film for ages. Its about a girl, Franny (Anne Hathaway) who has to travel home from India to be with her brother, who is in a coma after being in a car accident. She then moves in with her distant mum and she studies her brothers diary which explains his life as a busker. She then tracks his footsteps and goes to the clubs and bars that he has visited and she starts getting into the music that he listens to. Whilst going through his things, she finds a ticket to a concert of his favourite artist, James Forester (Johnny Flynn) so she goes to the concert to feel closer to her brother. She then gives Forester one of his demos, which he is quite impressed with and he goes to the hospital to meet up with her to pay his respects. From there, a relationship begins between the hot superstar Forester and the the grieving Franny who is hoping that her brother will wake up out of his coma. As Forester is leaving to play in different gigs around the world, they enjoy there brief time together before he hits the road again. I was hoping for a bit more from the movie but I personally found it quite boring and the performances weren't that great. Don't get me wrong, Hathaway showed great emotion throughout the movie, especially towards her brother who was in a coma through most of the movie but the whole project seemed cold and there just wasn't enough material to make it interesting. Johnny Flynn's character seemed distant through most of the movie and there wasn't much depth to his character. Anyway, I personally found the movie quite dull and depressing so it has to get the thumbs down from me. Disappointing!Round-Up:This is the first major movie release for the South African born Johnny Flynn, 32, so I can only comment on his performance in this movie, which wasn't that great. He seemed a bit dead behind the eyes most of the time and he kept on looking at people like they were speaking another language. He was quite an impressive guitar player/singer, especially when he mixed it up with the violin but there wasn't enough emotion from him as an actor. Anne Hathaway, 32, has the Intern with Robert DeNiro coming out later this year so I'm sure that she will put the disappointing box office takings for this movie behind her. In total, her movies have grossed over $2Billion, which include the Dark Knight Rises, Interstellar, Les Miserables, Alice in Wonderland, Brokeback Mountain and her famous role as Andy Sachs in the Devil Wears Prada so this mediocre movie can just go down as a bad day at the office. This is the first major release for director Kate Barker-Froyland so she's pretty new to the game. She done well when it came to the emotion aspect to the movie but for entertainment, it really failed. The corny love story took way too long to get going, even though it was predictable from the start and the ending was sketchy and badly put together. Anyway, the money that the film lost explains that it really isn't that great so I'm not the only one that found it pretty boring.Budget: $6millionWorldwide Gross: $32,000 (Terrible)I recommend this movie to people who are into their emotional drama/music about a girl who travels home to be with her brother whose in a coma after a fatal car accident. 2/10

Tiger L (ru) wrote: Extremely entertaining and very funny

Mike B (ru) wrote: Stuffy, pretentious and boring. Every time Paltrow opened her mouth with that "British" accent I cringed. Very difficult to finish.