Price for Peace

Price for Peace

Steven Spielberg, historian Stephen E. Ambrose, and director James Moll bring us a film with firsthand accounts chronicling the unforgettable events in the Pacific Theater of World War II. From the bombing of Pearl Harbor through the American occupation of Japan in 1945, this powerful documentary depicts the strength and courage of America's youth, while examining how these brave men and women dealt with being thrust into this tremendously brutal chapter of world history.

This powerful and thought provoking film chronicles the compelling events in the Pacific Theater of WWII, from the bombing of Pearl Harbor in 1941 to the American occupation of Japan in ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jeff S (mx) wrote: Small town life is filled with many of the same problems. Family life is a blessing and a curse, but kids are resilient!

Julia L (mx) wrote: This film was a lot better than I expected, but I still feel like it was lacking something.

Henry B (es) wrote: An amazing and thoroughly amusing film, it is probably one of the best films that I have ever seen. The cinematography at the start and the action at the end thoroughly compliment the comedy throughout. This film is definetely one of my top 10 favourites.

LA L (es) wrote: I hate Dane Cook with every fiber of my being. But Steve Carell is funny; it looks good.

Diane L (ca) wrote: great acting on Bale's Rodriquez part

Taylor H (fr) wrote: Writer/director/musician/professonal a$s Troy Duffy unwittingly casts himself as the ultimate Hollywood villain: A drunken megalomaniac who angrily pisses away friends, money, and remarkably good luck simply because he feels unappreciated. Both frustrating and fascinating, this documentary is aptly described by Adam Carolla as a "a modern cautionary tale".

Timm S (us) wrote: Madness & Calamity, Lyrically Rhyming It's Way Towards The Costco Castle, In Search Of Buried Treasure. So Stoooopid..It Works.

Andrew S (br) wrote: Perhaps the only movie in history to be considered a great watch mainly because it is, in fact, very hard to watch.

James M (kr) wrote: Puerile nonsense with pantomime acting.

Jared S (au) wrote: Chris Penn reminds me a lot of Seth Rogen... anyway this wasn't bad and the only thing I have to say is that the conflict of possibly not going to college should've been better developed, more drawn out and more dramatic.

John B (fr) wrote: This is the first Shaw Bros movie I saw and it is definitely my favourite. The martial arts is just so awesome in this. There's hand to hand, sword to sword, bo to bo, 3 stick chain link, to bo. David Chiang's best movie I think. Not only is the martial arts awesome, but it is also quite quirky and witty. As Chiang's student who is a stubborn and nosey, but pretty young chinese girl, inadvertedly falls in love with him as he masquerades as a teacher to infiltrate a family bent on overthrowing the Emperor. If you like old school martial arts movies. This is one to see.

Greg W (de) wrote: #2 in Cocteau's Orpheus trilogy

Bill M (kr) wrote: Hoodwinked by a good title and a nice Criterion cover, I throw 90 more minutes down the British Domestic tubes.

Sheryl Z (gb) wrote: Probably not quite as cute as Libeled Lady or My Man Godfrey, but a funny film nonetheless. Lots of witty and ironic dialog, which, judging from some of the comments about this film here, apparently flies over some people's heads.

Heather M (ru) wrote: Yet another Colin Firth movie--a naughty Mr. Darcy in a version of Dangerous Liaisons. Quite good, I thought, and not just because of him.