Pride and Vengeance

Pride and Vengeance

A Spanish army officer, Don Jose (Nero), stationed in Seville, meets and begins a relationship with a mysterious gypsy, Carmen (Aumont). After he discovers she has cheated on him with his Lieutenant, he kills the officer and flees the city with Carmen. He recovers from his wounds and is forced to begin the life of a bandit.

A Spanish army officer, Don Jose (Nero), stationed in Seville, meets and begins a relationship with a mysterious gypsy, Carmen (Aumont). After he discovers she has cheated on him with his Lieutenant, he kills the officer and flees the city with Carmen. He recovers from his wounds and is forced to begin the life of a bandit. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Pavel S (us) wrote: You can only beat a dead horse for so long...

Nilesh J (br) wrote: Just too mindless. The Salman Khan genre movies are fine to a point, but this movie takes it to an extreme with its 1980s like plot.

J Ray C (au) wrote: Great film. This is how the oil industry and the government will act if they have oil near you. They spent more time handling the media and hiding the spill than actually cleaning up their mess. If you care about the environment at all them you should watch this film. At the very least this is a good resource as to what to watch for if there is a environmental disaster near you. Watch, record, broadcast. Ty to the film makers for their hard work and the risks to their own personal health in getting this info to the public.

Amy H (us) wrote: Disturbing story of simple love and revenge, well acted. Quotes were beautiful!

Vienna M (ca) wrote: ???????????????????????????????

Patrice Bienvenu N (gb) wrote: You don't have to be a Genius to get to understand what world youth is going through. It's painful to understand the Despair of a generational gap in thinking, idealizing the world and working as hard as possible to make things work.Instead, the child, the woman and the poor are their backbone reasons to cry out; yes,crying out instead of finding winning strategies to life survival.Leaning on child rights, the brightest children funds for world emancipation is the new Hip Hop culture that could make you look lazy, yes lazy as well just like the other guys. Dr NGUE.

Joshua H (ag) wrote: I love this movie, and I love the music of Townes Van Zandt. Thanks to Aaron Winn for introducing me to this singer-songwriter.

Clay B (jp) wrote: DESPERATE MEASURES (1998)

Blais E (gb) wrote: Rowdy and raucous "Play-Within-a-Play" (And based on a play, even!) of a hilariously-inept theater company's (Led by an insufferably-demanding and womanizing Michael Caine-) efforts at perfecting their second-rate production before its eventual debut on Broadway, with their backstage, antic-ridden interpersonal relationships almost completely derailing the whole shebang. A loving tribute to the madcap Screwball-Comedies and bedroom farces of yore, set at a breakneck- pace and with endless amounts of slaptick, pratfalls, mistaken identities, and exhausting, rapid-fire dialogue. The cast of mostly TV-comedy vets truly shines here, with John Ritter, Marilu Henner, and of course, Carol Burnett, the standouts. Christopher Reeve delivers an uncharacteristically-comical turn, easily keeping up with the rest of the humorous-hams, and the disarmingly-delightful-and-delectable Nicollette Sheridan also exhibits her rarely-seen comic-skills and almost runs away with the whole thing as the very-nearsighted (And therefore uber-clumsy-) play's ingenue, while spending a good portion of the proceedings decked out only in her underwear. The film exhibits some perfectly-timed comic brilliance, and truly drives home the old adage "Whatever Could Go Wrong, Will Go Wrong"! Well-directed by Peter Bogdanovich, who helmed the similarly zany "What's Up, Doc?" in the early 70's.

Ian C (br) wrote: The first time I watched this was, either at my tenth or eleventh birthday party. Over a quarter of a century later and I revisited it and it certainly didn't disappoint. A glorious piece of 80's action/anti communist propaganda. Lundgren might not have had the pedigree of the decades action superstars like Stallone, Schwarzenegger, or Norris but he holds his own here. Final shot in this and line from Dolph nearly killed me.

Kenny L (es) wrote: i don't trust those shifty italians, but at least they have a sense of humor about themselves.

Dave J (kr) wrote: Wednesday, December 15, 2010 (1943) Sugata Sanshiro (In Japanese with English subtitles) JAPANESE WESTERN It's common knowledge that director Akira Kurosawa generally makes films that'd be extremely popular, if they were 'remade' by other directors such as Sergio Leone's "A Fistful of Dollars" from "Yojimbo", George Lucas's "Star Wars" from "The Hidden Fortress" and Preston Sturges of "The Magnificent Seven" from "Seven Samurai". These films and more can always be enjoyed more-so overseas and perhaps make more money than the original ones Kurosawa made within his own region of Japan or anywhere else for that matter! And upon watching this film 20 minutes in for the first time, I barely couldn't keep my eyes open and as the movie progressed, I suddenly realized why that is! By first looking at the story and then the year this film was made which was in 1943 made me wonder whether or not this was even the "first" conventional chop socky movie ever made since the storyline delves into 'very' familiar territory, about man entering a village for the intentions of becoming a high ranking martial artist until a judo instructor takes him under his wing, proving that his judo was the more superior martial art than other dojo's teaching Jiu- Jitsu- the Japanese Jiu Jitsu which involves grabbing or grappling and not the Bruce Lee kind which involves alot of kicking and punching! And if you've seen alot of so-called chop- socky movies as much as I have such as "The Chinese Connection", "The Fearless Hyena", "Drunken Master" or the "Master Killer" then you'll know that their is somewhat a pattern and this film called "Sugata Sanshiro" made in 1943 may have started it, also included as well are the wind scenes blowing on the background upon the final fight which Kurosawa reused again on "Yojimbo" mimiced again on other martial art films that came out after this one either by Chinese films or anywhere else! Also notable about this film if "ones" seen enough Kurosawa oldies are the familiarity of the characters he resuses from other films such as the the old guy starting the samurai group to defend against the bandits in "Seven Samurai", he plays one of the stars Jiu Jitsu's main opponents! The only thing that is preventing this film from receiving a perfect rating is that the martial arts isn't all that great considering that the time it was made of course, making much of that fighting kind of tame by today's standards, considering what people can get as of right now, but Kurosawa's artistic merit is still there, as well as the atmosphere which is still quite effective because it builds great tension! 3.5 out of 4 stars

Bheema D (de) wrote: THAT WAS FUCKING COOL

Mortea R (kr) wrote: Just Like The First one. A popcorn action movie.

Salathiel M (ag) wrote: Great with off hand comedy!!! Lol

Cameron A (fr) wrote: ''Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace'' becomes too buried in stale politics, and the cast does little to support the story given their dry and placid performances. Though the pod race is exciting it is the only time in the film where Lucas attempts to entertain the audience. The run time is unbearably long given the overall pacing issues and lack of interesting plot, resulting in a less-than-stellar addition to the Star Wars canon.