Pride of Lions

Pride of Lions

Action / Comedy - Five retired ex-military men attempt the unthinkable and dust off their old uniforms for one last explosive mission. The team quickly discovers that they are up against an enemy from their past. This time, The Dependables mission is personal. With guns blazing, the group puts their lives on the line to defeat their arch nemesis and save their grandchildren.

Five retired ex-military men attempt the unthinkable and dust off their old uniforms for one last explosive mission. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Angela G P (fr) wrote: I think it was an awesome movie that was had me laughing all the way through. I am sick of comedies that have children using profanity as if that's cute and having to cover your children's eyes on almost every scene, even PG movies have R rated content.. I am thankful for movies like this where I can relax and enjoy nice clean humor, which makes it even more funnier !!!

Owen D (nl) wrote: Not as good as the first, and a lot of just stupid moments.

Alvin A (ca) wrote: Drew Barrymore's directorial debut is fun, also supported by good actors involved. The sport game doesn't trully exciting but their relationship and joke between the actors is worth to watch. Ellen Page is dominant in every scene and she acted well. Whip It is a good entertainment old-fashion drama.

Thomas W (ag) wrote: Surprisingly quiet, subdued and simple for a film with such subject matter. It is the story of an adolescent hermaphrodite and "her" family and the family of a doctor who's council they seek-out for advice on an Uruguayian beach community. The film never condescends to preaching which is rather remarkable as it remains neutral to the desires/unknown desires of Alex. The film has something to say but it allows its viewer to pick out his/her own message. It speaks volumes that Alex is one of the least confused characters in the film and few of the adults and the other tween/teens Alex befriends and/or comes into contact with have NO idea what they even want and/or need. XXY may appear to cover some unusual subject matter; but the central story is quite universal. Yes -- prudes and anybody unaccepting of others slightly different than himself/herself MUST avoid this little film. That you'll be missing out on it is nothing new ... as you are already missing out on a world too-big and too-grand for your small, little, feeble minds.

Aael G (de) wrote: Cried at the end of the movie

BellaRay (ag) wrote: ...looks excessively gay.

Calum R (es) wrote: The pinnacle of the buddy cop genre, 'Beverly Hills Cop' blends action, crime and comedy in one of the finest police movies ever made, starring Eddie Murphy as the popular Axel Foley, a Detroit cop bound for Beverly Hills in search of those who murdered his friend in cold blood. With fantastic comedy that seems largely improvised by Murphy and some very well-executed action scenes, 'Beverly Hills Cop' stands as one of the finest comedies of the 1980's and gave the world one of the most memorable police officers and film theme tunes of all time.

Allister M (it) wrote: Great movie. Loved the whole concept of using the oppressors tools against them. This movies should be seen now more than ever.

Brian L (fr) wrote: Lol. Space ship monster defense: pineapple grenades, M1 carbines and venerable 1911's.

Marrick A (br) wrote: This is the first French movie to get a 5-star rating from me. The men are impeccably dressed like men. The women are impeccably dressed like women. The jazz score by Miles Davis is fantastic. The plot...brilliant.

Justin B (br) wrote: Playing out a bromance with all the beats of a romantic comedy is brilliant and while it's not a groundbreaking or enriching comedy, it soars with two great performances from its leads.

Rick R (kr) wrote: One Of the Best Story's Of Pro Wrestling Ever made!

ChillinDylan G (it) wrote: Slightly better than the second, with a few extremely funny moments (i.e., Stifler dancing, "bachelor party"), but lost a little steam towards the end.Grade = 6.5/10