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Pridel angela


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Umar N (jp) wrote: Regretting that i watched it soo late! :( Far Better Then top grossing movies of bollywood today!

j m (gb) wrote: Solid performances from Michael Madsen, Shannyn Sossoman, and even Meatloaf can't make up for a weak plot, poorly written dialog and unbelievably bad acting on the part of Corey Large. The casting department must've been asleep at the wheel when they cast him as a major role. Although many of his lines and scenes with him are poorly written, his horrible acting makes one feel as if they're watching a grade school play. He is not alone however, as many of the supporting roles are acted equally as bad. Couple that with low budget stunts and painfully poor special effects, and the end result is a movie most people would be better off not seeing at all. Many of the scenes are long, boring, drawn out and irrelevant to the plot. Uninteresting characters and a "plot twist" that basically does everything short of having a narrorator tell the audience exactly what is going to happen leaves the audience disconnected and ultimately uninterested in the outcome of the movie. My only consolation is that I didn't pay to see the film in theatres as it was direct to DVD, as I would have surely walked out, the first time I've ever felt the need to do so. Save your money and yout time on this one. If I had more thumbs they'd be down on "Chasing Ghosts".

Kenny S (mx) wrote: Decent murder mystery that is also a little too predictable with its twists, and the conclusions the characters reach, while logical within the film, seem almost like complete leaps for the characters themselves. It was decent, but I probably won't remember it a year from now.

Joshua F (gb) wrote: Another pleasantly odd Paul Auster flick.

Easton K (ca) wrote: Willis, Thorton, and Blanchett all did great performances. Although, the love story seemed to be a distraction. BUT, the scrip was great and the characters were rememberable. Overall, the whole movie was interesting.

Ben S (de) wrote: overall bad but has its moments. :P