In an alternate world, humanity and vampires have warred for centuries. After the last Vampire War, the veteran Warrior Priest lives in obscurity with other humans inside one of the Church's walled cities. When the Priest's niece is kidnapped by vampires, the Priest breaks his vows to hunt them down. He is accompanied by the niece's boyfriend, who is a wasteland sheriff, and a former Warrior Priestess.

Priest' is set in a world ravaged by centuries of war between humans and vampires. The story revolves around a legendary Warrior Priest survived Vampire War and hiding in a cities ruled by the Church. When his niece is abducted by vampires, Priest must break his vows to look for her niece.. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ameen K (au) wrote: A Haunted House 2. I'm not a big fan of these spoof movies but I have to admit, I did laugh in a haunted house 2. A lot. I give credit when credit is due. The only reason I saw this movie is because I liked the first one. I laughed a lot in both A Haunted House 1 and 2. DO NOT get me wrong, this movie is not a good film, it's a very silly movie. I was entertained for most of it, I feel like the first and second act of the film were strong but the third act felt rushed and not as funny. I had fun with this movie but it's not for everybody. Overall I'm going to give this a low rental if you're into these kind of movies because some of the humor felt wasted and some silly scenes played for way to long. Also, the ending was not good.A Haunted House 2: 2.5/5 stars

Daniel M (br) wrote: Bad acting & dialogue. Music isn't very good either-score is often very uplifting in a corny way. Feels like something made in the 80s/90s

Chris M (br) wrote: I thought the final battle scene could have been a bit longer. But good movie overall.

Shivam S (ru) wrote: It coudn't have got better. A masterpiece from Anurag Kashyap. Breathtaking story, superby acted and terrific music.

Vikesh M (it) wrote: Man of Steel + Transformers + Spiderman + 3(X-Men) = Krrish 3. But unfortunately, that formula doesn't even work.

Juan A (gb) wrote: I don't like saying "the best", but, this is truely the best bio movie I've ever seen, and one of the best movies I've seen at all, as well as one of the best performances on film.

Sunil J (de) wrote: I would never be able to watch this.

i C (ca) wrote: 6,5/10 Directors CutLike Chris Rock, Rock vs Pesci is great. With the second one the best part of the LW Franchise

Karl W (ru) wrote: Excellent film covering Hitler's last few weeks.

Shelby F (au) wrote: Everybody loves a good romantic comedy with lots of laughs and a happy ending. Some favorites over the years are When Harry Met Sally, Sleepless in Seattle, and 10 Things I Hate About You. So the question is does Pretty Woman get to join these other wonderful romantic comedies? Now although this movie does have some funny moments, it has a more serious and dramatic feeling to it most of the time. So, no this movie does not quite fulfill the requirements for a romantic comedy; although, this movie is a genuine entertainment and fulfills the "romantic drama" genre very well. This movie makes you think about your values and how you feel about a lot of issues they involve within the lives of the main characters, and it makes you experience many different feelings. Uniquely, it does have some comedic moments in it along with the other dramatic moments I previously mentioned. It wants the audience to be completely drawn in by the mystery and drama yet it has to ease the tension some times by making them laugh. In this movie Julia Roberts plays a hooker named Vivian Ward; not only is Julia Roberts one of the best romantic comedy actress' she plays this role outstandingly. She then meets incredibly hunky and most wanted bachelor Edward Lewis played by Richard Gere. He is driving through Hollywood Boulevard when he finds himself completely lost trying to get back to his hotel in Beverly Hills. So he sees the lovely Vivian standing on the corner and asks for directions. Being a hooker she offers him directions, but at a cost of $20, classic move. He lets her in his very expensive car and away they go off to Beverly Hills. Not only is Edward incredibly handsome he is very wealthy as well, so when they get to the hotel Vivian is star struck and the attraction is tied; the rest is history.I was disappointed by the fact that it's not a very funny comedy since I was excited to slump down on my couch with a bucket of popcorn ready to laugh for the next two hours. In the aspects of a romantic drama though the movie was outstanding and I did not regret watching it. So, if you're ready to sit down and watch a genuinely funny film I would not suggest Pretty Woman, although if you wish to see a film full of romance and intimacy this is perfect for you and you will not be disappointed. I suggest to all audiences out there, if you watch a movie titled as a "comedy" don't be discouraged because you aren't laughing so hard your stomach hurts, but instead try to be optimistic because you could come across your new favorite movie.

Senor C (us) wrote: Mostly made up of tv supporting members The Midnight Hour tries to pack all it's Halloween goodness in w/ vampires (Dick Van Patten as a vampire dentist is just too evil for words..I still might have nightmares), werewolves & the undead (even a midget zombie). All of it is fun to a point but the plot is as thin as its resolution & this tv horror flix will always just be as 2nd class as Geordi La Forge or Doug Penhall

GaryMichael O (br) wrote: Sooooooo stupid --and Fabulous at the same time

Panos M (ca) wrote: A decayed, dark and bleak portrait of an emotionally disordered person...he dreamy atmosphere and the daring story make this film one of the most challenging in Bergman's whole career...

Brian B (de) wrote: Excellent movie. Would have been five stars if not for the disparaging ethnic remarks.

Patryk C (fr) wrote: A very amusing screwball comedy with an all-star cast. It presents a ridiculously laughable farce about love, jealousy and a big libel suit that started it all. When a privileged woman (Loy) sues a newspaper for 5 million dollars, because of an article she's been slandered in, the editor of the paper (Tracy) comes up with an ingenious scheme that will make her drop the suit. He hires his old-time playboy colleague (Powell) and drags his angered wife-to-be (Harlow) into the whole intrigue. They are about to play a lawfully wedded couple that will make a big affair out of a romance between the playboy and the libeled lady. However, due to some funny circumstances love gets in the way and everything spirals out of control. Controlled by various emotions those people pair up in the most unsuspected way and are about to destroy the whole plot. While the suit is still on, the actors must take care of their own feelings and decide what's best for them.Libeled Lady is a perfectly acted screwball with lots of slapstick situations and many witty dialogues. It's an MGM star-showcase that does a good job of exhibiting its well-written storyline in the most splendid and farcical manner.

Maruf H (fr) wrote: Random and poorly-constructed, this early entry into the DC Animated Universe follows a sporadic origin story that culminates in a poor final boss battle. There's hardly any tension created between this team-up initially to make the characters any more enjoyable, and any time you let Green Lantern save the day, instead of Superman or Batman, you're making a big mistake.

Mike F (ru) wrote: This was one of the best movies I've seen in a long time. Coming from a background of Psychology, it was enjoyable to watch a movie that depicted how feeble our memories are. Our realities are an amalgamation of our memories. Even while your reading this, your brain is using your memory to categorize the words and give meaning to what you see.I can understand how the story line could be confusing if you're not expecting it to change and jump all over the place.

Matthew M (gb) wrote: While I admire the story, animation, and characters, I wish the jokes were stronger.