When an ex-romance author who is trapped in an unsatisfying marriage, decides to give love another chance with a man she met over the Internet, she finds herself caught up in a terrifying murder mystery.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:81 minutes
  • Release:2007
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:one word title,  

A team of environmentalists investigating "unchartered territory" find that someone, or rather, something has already made the land its home and proceeds to take the team out, one by one. ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Shruti S (it) wrote: a very nic movie ....but censor board cud have done smthin .. :P

Charlie E (ru) wrote: hard to get to the understanding of the drug and other things happening in Mexico. only good was the song at the start of the credits when the movie ended

Heith P (br) wrote: Bill Maher is no historian, but he is surely entertaining in this one.

Joen O (br) wrote: Beginning was boring. I love the twist though. Overall, good movie.

Laurie M (mx) wrote: Dreamkeeper is a richly detailed movie. Basically the theatrical presentation of several different Native Americans legends, the main story centers on a troubled young man who agrees to accompany his grandfather on a trip to escape that same trouble he has gotten into at home. As they travel, the traditional grandfather tells stories that his grandson Shane isn't always eager to hear. Eddie Spears and August Schellenberg work well together in this wonderful coming of age story. Native American legends just aren't done as much as they could be in Hollywood as they could be. Too many movies these days are just the same material done over in a new way. The legends included in Dreamkeeper may be traditional, but are in no way old fashioned. This movie is definitely a must-see for anyone, although some of the scenes might scare young children.

Ian B (es) wrote: Cute and enjoyable, if completely unnecessary. Bartok is a wonderful character and deserved this sequel!

Wayne K (gb) wrote: A witty, snappy and above all hilarious satire on the grind of office work and labouring in a job you hate simply for the pay check and nothing else. Mike Judge makes an impressive live-action debut, utilises the strengths of his actors and picking apart the gripes of menial office workers who are constantly berated for the most trivial of errors and receive no thanks whatsoever for the things they achieve. The laughs are quite unevenly spread, with the first 30 minutes containing the funniest jokes and character moments. The rest of it isn't dull by any means, but it never matches its comedic quality. I really enjoyed the performances, the concept, the jokes and the fact that, while it may take a few strange turns, it stays relatively faithful to its core values. Definitely worth a watch.

Sean C (jp) wrote: Like how fucking dsyfunctional is this family? A senile old biddy, a cussing daughter chain-smoking her way into marriage to a guy that wants to bump uglies with her brother, a really grumpy old git of a father and a mum that goes walkies (for no one to really ever care about where and why), and so on...even the fucking dog doesnt escape from being different, the poor mutt is blind. It's well acted but kind of painful to watch and not because it's bad but it just feels like too much. If you lived with this lot you would probably try and hang yourself, on hang on, the fat boy did!

Mike M (au) wrote: Great movie..just trying finding it ANYWHERE....

Michael K (nl) wrote: Laughably bad. Even by zombie movie standards. Bad writing. Bad acting. Bad production values. Bad zombies. Bad gore scenes. Don't bother.

David S (nl) wrote: Not going to say when, where, why or how...but I saw this and it was aweSsssssome!!!

Veronica P (fr) wrote: this movie I love~