Prin cenusa imperiului

Prin cenusa imperiului


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Will D (it) wrote: Decent family movie will entertain kids.

Kevin R (br) wrote: Nobody eats my parents unless I say so!After being punished for conducting too many experiments, a group of friends wish upon a star for their parents to leave them alone. They awake a few days later to find their parents gone as part of an alien invasion. Can the group of friends execute another experiment that will stop the invasion and rescue their parents?"I remember being grounded a whole week and not being allowed to my friend's bachelor party..."John A. Davis, director of The Ant Bully, delivers Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius in his directorial debut. The storyline for this picture is straightforward but fun to watch unfold (a little like a poor man's Lilo and Stitch). The animation style is cool and the voices fit the characters well."Cool! We didn't blow up!"I recently came across this on Netflix and added it to the queue to watch with my daughter. She loved it and watched it thoroughly from beginning to end. Overall, this is a nice addition to the genre that is fun to watch with your child but may not be worth adding to your DVD collection."I'm peeing in the shower!"Grade: C+

Benoit B (ca) wrote: A really good movie. Dealing with loss and the suffering it brings with it, the movie never goes for cheap sentimental tricks or blunt tear jerkers. Instead, Radha Mitchell delivers a stunning performance, holding the movie on her shoulders. Unsettling, it could have gone wrong so many times. But then comes this last scene where indeed, with a satyrical twist, "everything is put together".

Tio B (ca) wrote: John Travolta as a weatherman?! Ha ha! Count me out!

Randy P (fr) wrote: Predictable yes. Fun for the romantics and even for tjose not fans of the romance genre? Yes.

Mitch O (kr) wrote: what i am sick of is some dumbass stranger telling what to do

Akin J (de) wrote: one of the best films and the best home invasion film I ever saw.