Friendship and love in the world of prostitution in Spain.

Set in Spain, the story is about friendship and love in the world of prostitution. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Laugh T (de) wrote: A film that dares people to not judge a book (or in this case film) by its cover. Brilliant meta satire. Worth a watch many times.

Erik D (it) wrote: I don't know how I keep falling for it. Every time I see a Simon Pegg movie I fall into the same trap of thinking it's not going to be the most ridiculous film I've ever seen. Simon Pegg and Andy Serkis were a perfect pair with line after great line of dialogue and a story that was too ridiculous to believe. And then I found out that this entire plot is based on a true story. The real Burke is still sitting (skeleton) in a labaratory to this day. How strange is that?While writing this review, I'm staring at a screen that says 33% of critics enjoyed this while 36% of audiences also gave their approval. What is wrong with the majority of people? This was absolutely one of the most unexpectedly funny movies I've ever seen. I mean, I knew it was going to provide a few laughs but this entire movie had me dying. Isla Fisher and Tom Wilkinson (one of my favorites!) were also exceptional, respectively, as a theatre star and a creepy doctor doing what is best for science. Burke and Hare is currently on Netflix and I would absolutely recommend it to any fan of Pegg, or of comedy in general. You may not be expecting to laugh, but you absolutely will from beginning to end. Fantastic film.

Rick Q (ag) wrote: i am a huge fan of ricky gervais and stephen merchant's writing style, "extras" being my favorite of their projects. "cemetery junction" had moments of the duos awkward comedy, and those are the films best moments. unfortunately the drama was very mondane and not very original. i'm all for artists branching out and doing something different, but maybe for the time being, merchant and gervais should stick to what they're best at.

Kevin G (nl) wrote: LOVE Paranoid Park. I dont care what you say about its acting, its how real people talk and have conversations whether you like it or not.

Brian S (fr) wrote: It's amazing how many quotes from this movie could have been taken out of today's news rather than the early 1970's!

Belinda H (gb) wrote: I would rather be impaled than watch this movie again. Vlad is an interesting historical figure; if you are going to make a movie based on someone like him, at least get a coherent plot, or an interesting idea.

Drew S (kr) wrote: This has been one my Netflix account since I got "it"!

Michael D (ca) wrote: Not a terrible one, but still a reminder, that I don't like Nicolas Cage and his films.

Jay B (de) wrote: Sooooo not what I expected, but in a pretty great way... I think. Bug is a bit slow and "talky" and that works at times... however, once you reach act three, prepare for the shit to hit the fan.

Sophie M (it) wrote: Its definitely not my choice of pick in movie, BUT when I watched it on a big screen it definitely took me back in time. It took me back over 30 yrs!!! (1988) now that's a long time. It felt like I was in a time machine, in terms of the movie it was good. too, It had a good plot to keep you interested.

roger t (fr) wrote: positives: strong memorable performance from steiger. interesting supporting characters, esp.from peters and oliver. grimy 60's nyc feel, good ending..... favorite lines: 1. if you came here just to stare at me i would have sent you a photo.'ll die, but not when you want to.

Philip W (ca) wrote: Simply put, every high school freshman and senior should see this film. A coming of age piece complete with an all star trio of Logan Lerman, Emma Watson, and Ezra Miler, Perks of being a Wallflower is an amazing story hitting on multiple tough topics regarding love and lose. There are so many touching things to take from this film and with a standout performance from Miller as Patrick, Perks is a film that'll hold up well with time and show the audience new things each time they watch it.