Princesse Marie

Princesse Marie

The story of Napoleon Bonaparte's grandniece, the famous Princess Marie, her friendship and her work with Sigmund Freud.

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Utku B (it) wrote: The movie is great and really shows that bad things can easily turn to good things. I loved ksi and Caspars acting

Sudhakar M (br) wrote: A decent 1st half, but a very awkward 2nd half. Not too bad. But the title is the biggest spoiler.

Aaron S (jp) wrote: Screw the haters! This movie is hilarious. I simply loved it, and its one of those movies I could watch over and over and over again. Yes, its very subjective, but lighten up and have some fun. This is certainly not a movie to be taken seriously. Like other underrated irreverent comedies such as Fanboys and The Rocker, The Adventures of power breathes funny into nerddom. This movie fuses Napolean Dynamite and Air Guitar Nation into a movie where Ari Gold plays Air Drums as a character that doesn't break his clueless intensity and necessity to rock. No, this won't win everyone's heart, but watch it late at night after a hard day's work, and it will put everything in perspective with its silly ridiculous nature.

Augustine H (ag) wrote: We all know that Delpy is a good writer since Before Sunrise, but 2 Days in Paris showcased that she can be as charming and cynical as Woody Allen.

Lucy W (br) wrote: Brilliant film, really made me laugh when i needed it, Maurice is like a typical man when he gets Jessie to pose for a painting and made me laugh when he burst through the door lol

Ross M (au) wrote: Written by Lucky McKee (May, The Woods, All Cheerleaders Die) as a pseudo follow up to "May", "Roman" is a somewhat sweet and creepy romance story between a killer and his next door neighbor. While the film most likely would have benefited from a larger budget and different casting, Angela Bettis' direction mostly works, especially considering the ultra low-level nature of the film. Some acting and pacing issues will put off a large chunk of viewers, but for those that can look past such things there is an interesting movie to be seen.

Ivan D (gb) wrote: una pelicula muy sentimental

Gerch R (au) wrote: le mchant a pas mis longtemps a apprendre son texte au moins :)

Matt W (fr) wrote: Smells like Ms.45 to me ...

Robert R (ag) wrote: The kind of movie you really wish you could forget you enjoyed at some point in your life. So much bad writing. So much bad acting.

Annelie M (ag) wrote: I cried my eyes out. I want to read the biography of Carrington now.

VJ H (gb) wrote: A bit shallow but watchable.

David B (us) wrote: Since you only come in the afternoons.

Bruce B (it) wrote: This came from a Warner Brothers Film Noir Double Feature. For me, the highlight of this film noir was simply ogling the two female leads, played by Audrey Totter ("Claire Quimby") - who wasn't beautiful but had an incredible body - and Cyd Charisse ("Mary Chandler"), who had a much smaller role but was pleasing. They were opposites: a nasty film-noir femme fatale (Totter) and a wholesome girl-next-door (Charisse).Totter played a number of classic blonde film noir floozies, women who sure look good on the outside but are nasty on the inside. She, Marie Windsor and Lizabeth Scott were all excellent noir "molls." Totter, as of this writing, is still alive at the age of 89. I think this was one of her better performances.It's a good thing the characters in this film were interesting because the story was a little too slow, to be honest. It's hard to picture, especially in the last 50 years, a crime movie with no action. We don't even see the only crime committed. It is something we hear about after the fact. We can pretty much guess who did it - it is made more than obvious - so the only question remaining is how are the police going to catch "Claire."Actually, all the actors are good in this movie and I really enjoyed some of the film noir photography. The DVD transfer of this movie, which is part of the "Film Noir Classics Collection Vol.4," is very good. Richard Basehart has the lead role as meek pharmacist "Warren Quimby." In order to hatch a plan involving murder, he dons contact lenses and darkens his hair and becomes Charisse's boyfriend, "Paul Sothern." The idea is to kill the man who took away his slimy wife, played almost to perfection by Totter.The fairly-young-looking Basehart, like the two ladies, is very good in this film, his first noir since the excellent "He Walked By Night" released the year before. Basehart didn't begin his film career until he was in his middle '30s. Of the two policeman, William Conrad is fairly intense but Barry Sullivan's character is bland, despite having some juicy parts.I think this story would have been much better with a few twists to it, and I can think at least one good one: Warren's pal "Freddie" (Tom D'Andrea) in on the crime. With Freddie nosing around all the time, looking after Warren's welfare, I thought he might wind up with a bigger part in this mystery - maybe the surprise killer to help his buddy - but it wasn't to be. That's really a summation of the story: something that could have been really clever, but wasn't to be despite some good acting performances. 5 Stars 1-21-13

Oscar P (it) wrote: Great afternoon entertainment.