Prisoner of Zenda

Prisoner of Zenda

The King of Ruritania is kidnapped by his scheming brother: can his British double save him?

The King of Ruritania is kidnapped by his scheming brother: can his British double save him? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Xander K (ag) wrote: I giggled along and was hooked into the storytelling.

Robert B (au) wrote: No, its not a regular feature film.Its filmed entirely on a green screen stage, which necessarily gives it a feel of a play instead of a movie.Its backgrounds are historical photos. So necessarily it takes a higher level of suspension of disbelief, but once you get there its actually more authentic.Some of the criticism is that it is just rehashed overview of Lincoln history. Of course it covers known ground but from a unique inside perspective of Ward Lamon, not just a bodyguard but a confidante since Springfield days. If that perspective doesn't work for you especially that one of Lamon's roles was of court jester - when Lincoln was too burdened to laugh at his own jokes - Lamon was there to sing and make him laugh - while trying to keep him alive.

Brett C (kr) wrote: Review In A Nutshell:Wild Hogs is a better than average comedy that revolves around four middle-aged men, who have troubling personal lives, embarking on a cross-country motorcycle adventure in order to recapture their youthful selves. The film is definitely a clich, right down to the Easy Rider references, but a lot of the times it worked, displaying bouncing and hilarious chemistry between each leading character and featuring an antagonist, thanks to good casting, that is both physically and verbally menacing. The film's comedic highlight is William H. Macy, playing an intelligent person who sometimes lacks the common sense or is ignorant of the things around him; it works because he remains humble and loveable about it throughout, it never came off as too idiotic. His character also has a charming relationship with Marisa Tomei's character, giving the film break from its sometimes too isolated comedic set-pieces. John Travolta and Tim Allen's role, however, are present more to drive the "emotional" story forward, but they were able to give some moments for them to show off their comedic talent, and about half of them got a chuckle or two out of me. Martin Lawrence's character, I felt was too pitiful here, relying on his inferior and push over personality too much and not doing anything smart with it. Wild Hogs could have been a 20 minute shorter film, as I felt the chilli festival and a couple minor segments during this film could have been left in the cutting room floor, and if done so then this would have been a much tighter and more pleasurable film. I would definitely be seeing this film again in the future because this is a crowd favourite in the household; I don't mind it because I have seen far worse films.

Andy H (au) wrote: The opening scene is one of the greatest opening scenes in cinema history. From there a patchy story unfolds which occasionally blossoms when shamanic visions/epileptic fits unfold. Very interesting and well worth checking out.

destroya9008 (us) wrote: Amazing. I want to be Bone.

GMan (kr) wrote: flat out garbage the nudity was the only highlight of this film but the plot the acting the climax the final frame SUCKED ASS WHY THE HELL WOULD ANY PERSON MAKE A SEQUEL TO SUCH CRAP!!!

Joshua L (gb) wrote: could've been better

Charlie S (gb) wrote: This is a very funny film indeed - admittedly it feels very dated and a little clumsy but the script is great and general slapstick feel can be very amusing. Very much worth a watch, just don't expect to be spoon-fed the jokes as its not a modern piece of Hollywood trash which treats you like a 5 year old.

Majbritt W (it) wrote: A serious issue, but a very good film... I am somehow convinced that the story is still the same almost 20 years after the film was made, so an eye opener as well as confirming what is wrong with the way hospitals are run when it is all about profit.

Matt M (us) wrote: Harrison Ford plays a prosecutor who is accused of murdering his former mystery. Pakula and Ford wander around familiar grounds; the first in a film deeply revolving around character study and the former basing his performance around a number of character he had already played and would continue to play successfully. Together with a mystery filled script with a final unexpected twist, this is a solidly good and gripping film that reproduces a kind of film noir film of the classics, also thanks to the shadowy cinematography signed Gordon Willis.

Fong K (es) wrote: Isabelle Adjani gives a chilling performance as the titular sculptor whose madness could have catapulted her career to supersede his mentor's, Auguste Rodin (who sculpted the famous The Thinker) and consumes her in an unrequited love affair with Rodin.

Paul D (br) wrote: Situational horror in the same manor as the directors superior film 'The Thing'. It's the same thing again with a group of people unable to escape their location, but this time with a spiritual edge, which is decent enough to give it its own relevance in John Carpenter's back catalogue.

Anders A (ag) wrote: This is pure creativity and visuality to the horizon. I must say I was taken by surprise by the extent of rawness and provocation being shed in a twisted light of the ancient ages. The floating story on the other hand is harder to grasp as it trembling with the surreal. Sexual and bisexual tensions is boiling through the entire film without getting popped, also the anarchistic love paradigm is impossible to understand. A surreal, crazy and visual experience.

Bill W (ca) wrote: Very funny with lots of action

Adam R (it) wrote: The fifth movie in the series still packs quite a punch. Very underrated among Rocky fans. I would only place it behind the first two. (First and only viewing - 1/11/2009)

Craig T (ca) wrote: Lacking in dramatic focus, what results from Kramer's righteous (and rightful) primal scream is just that: two hours of actors yelling at one another as their charactes' emotional lives shatter amidst an unclear political path to salvation. It's an unpleasant experience, to be sure, but that's not my complaint. None of these characters felt like people to me and the absence of narrative arc kept the feeling of being pummeled forefront in my experience. No doubt that was an intended affect, in part, as the film's saving grace was its final moments. Still, to end with the thesis - however true - that one generation's struggles are another generation's gift, is a jagged little pill indeed.

Tony U (au) wrote: It's a silly horror movie but is very watchable. You have a young, very sexy Kelly Preston who plays the interesting role of a woman who was born with powers of witchcraft. There's a steam sex scene; a lot of suspense, and the ending, well, if you like "Wickerman", you'll appreciate the ending of this movie. If you're in a no brainer mood and want some shallow suspense, this surprising movie won't let you down. There's eclectic acting forms, some horrible, some terrific. Consider it one of these days.