Private Alexandria

Private Alexandria

Lawyer tries to unveil the mysterious murder and linked emotionally with his Client, and soon the case to reveal more and more surprises.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:110 minutes
  • Release:2005
  • Language:Arabic
  • Reference:Imdb
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Private Alexandria torrent reviews

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Paul K (es) wrote: A difficult one to watch, cleverly directed and shot with staccato, fragmented scenes and images. Films which explore the plight of Germans in the years following 1945 are rare, I can only think of a couple of others. This one is sympathetic to the children who are the main characters, while presenting the prejudices and attitudes of the Nazis quite clearly. It also explores the nature of survival, and the amoral approach required to ensure it in such circumstances. Lots of subtle little sub-themes here, too.

Jennie R (jp) wrote: Not a bad film of possession. Vavasseur does a great job of being the typical teenager and her descent into demonic possession. The plot twist does well to make the movie just a little more unique. The ending is forgettable and detracts from the movie as a whole.

Angelo M (nl) wrote: not wonderful, not totally bad. But she is beautiful, really

Andrew P (jp) wrote: Kind of boring. Had it's moments. Not one of anyone involved's best work. But not bad. Just not as legendary as the trailer makes you believe it is.

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