Private War

Private War

An army sergeant terrorizes his troops in this war drama.

An army sergeant terrorizes his troops in this war drama. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Private War torrent reviews

Emir A (gb) wrote: It's a great comedy movie, Paul and Ariel play father and daughter very well 4/5

Carlos I (it) wrote: A great we-are-all-connected type story. you would think, with its long runtime that it would drag, but it keeps fixated throughout. Fantastic performances all around.

Robert D (jp) wrote: much better then expected. possibly one of my favorite jackson roles, due to the fact that he is actually playing a character and actually acting without yelling non stop. hartnett was good and the story was well put together, moves a little slow. but nothing to complain about.

Sean R (us) wrote: All Star Cast yet no Real Story !!!!!

Israel R (br) wrote: Excellent documentary depicting how the British saved over 10,000 Jewish children through a transport system from Germany just prior to WWII. Many of the children were able to reunite with their parents but many never saw them again. Highly emotional, the documentary is presented in actual footage and interviews with several of the survivors.

Harry D (au) wrote: For kids and cunts only.

Winona M (gb) wrote: Cute little movie. Loved the ending.

Eric A (ag) wrote: love that it wasn't tied up in a pretty bow at the end.