Prividenie, kotoroe ne vozvrashchaetsya

Prividenie, kotoroe ne vozvrashchaetsya

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:67 minutes
  • Release:1929
  • Language:
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:based on novel,  

The rebel leader Jose Real is allowed to leave prison for one day to visit his family. But it is a ruse to make him reveal the whereabouts of his rebel gang. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Prividenie, kotoroe ne vozvrashchaetsya torrent reviews

Timothy N (gb) wrote: Even though it's predictable the whole way through, the cast is solid and its a solid family film.

Regina L (ag) wrote: Very good movie. The summary makes it sound like a comedy-which is kind of is, but is also quite deep with its emotional undercurrents and how his alcohol problems affect his loved ones. Made me cry.

Jaret M (ca) wrote: An offensive bastardization of one of the greatest films ever.

Cody B (it) wrote: Funny movie. Not to many laugh out loud parts. But good story good flow. Wouldn't mind a second movie. But not a must see film. Has it's issues. Story however does flow well. Good acting by older women.

Samantha Belle N (ru) wrote: Great movie! All of Eddie Murphy's roles were hilarious. And his ghoul Julius Jones. Hilarious movie'??

Jey A (kr) wrote: It usually helps to have a car....

Sophia H (ag) wrote: Love this movie! Seen it a million times. Can sing along to all the songs (badly). Timeless Classic!

Callum B (ag) wrote: its a great classic but it could of been better.

Michael F (mx) wrote: Live by the sword; die by the sword.

Private U (kr) wrote: Simple, romantic and the music really gets you.

Mike C (it) wrote: A much overlooked crazy & zany movie about a mexican generals plot to retake the Alamo.

Jose C (fr) wrote: Never read the book or seen the original but this film seems to focus more on the subtext leaving some of the story very confusing and in a way feels unfinished. The acting is very bad at parts, but the film is watchable.

Mark S (gb) wrote: Raymond Chandler's influence on private detective fiction was such that his style and the genre as a whole essentially became one and the same. And so it is that films like this now feel very familiar, having been done and redone and spoofed over the years. But go back to 1944 and this is an excellent piece of film noir. The first-person narrative works well, far better than many imitators have done since, and the cast is strong and well-suited to this type of film. Most praise should go to Edward Dmytryk, who produced a very well-crafted piece of work here. I thought the sequences where Marlowe is knocked out and drugged up worked particularly well.

Jordan K (us) wrote: Charlie's Angels is another TV to film adaptation where I have never seen the series. From its blatantly modern touches to the 70s TV classic, I only presume it doesn't hold up so well. Charlie's Angels is, in a word, corny. It's filled with bad one liners, terrible characters, a poor story, and the acting is wretched.Three super intelligent and super skilled spies who work under a mysterious unseen millionaire named Charlie attempt to solve a kidnapping scheme of a tech giant, only to find out that looks are very deceiving. There's not so much of a big plot here, it's basically thrown into the middle of a deep friendship between the main characters and their unimportant love lives.Charlie's Angels seems to me like it was a very overhyped film pre-release and, like it did for me, disappointed viewers, only I had a sense of what I was in for. Despite its all star cast, ranging from Drew Barrymore to Tim Curry to Bill Murray, the film fails the most in actually telling a consistent, real story. The characters, who are almost all the same - bland and girly - are more important and more focused on than the weak story. Their friendship, Bill Murray's wacky escapades (which, by the way, as much as I love Murray, his character is completely and utterly unneeded), and their dull, lifeless new relationships make Charlie's Angels more of a soap opera than a supposedly action packed femme fatale. When it does get into the action, it is fast paced and to the point. The super sleuth aspect of cracking who's behind what is effortless to say the least. Get used to the feel of the film, because it constantly stays overly fast paced and especially corny. I think maybe the one thing I did enjoy about Charlie's Angels is how hilariously terrible it is at holding up today - it's the epitome of 2000, with outdated technology, late 90s alt hits, etc. Charlie's Angels is nothing special - don't let its cast deceive you.

Francisco L (ru) wrote: Bad graphics, its soundtrack is scariest than the story and a little predictable, but well acted and with good screenplay.

Gerardo L (fr) wrote: Brilliant Movie, including Great Characters.

Kat S (kr) wrote: Dear goodness... It most certainly does not shy away from the just down right disgusting and ridiculous.