Problem Child 2

Problem Child 2

Junior and his father, Ben, move from Cold River to Mortville. Junior becomes threatened by Ben's desire to date again and find a new mother for Junior, and sabotages each of his dates.

The film revolves around a young man Izayoi Sakamaki. Suddenly his life changes after receiving a gift. He comes to another world with a girl and they become friend. Let's see this film and have fun time. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Vincent H (mx) wrote: I liked it, but I felt some of the sketched were a little flat (no pun intended). With that said, however, I thought some of the sketches were downright hilarious like Gene Wilder and the sheep, and the Mission Control sex scene.

Chris S (au) wrote: A quiet, stirring film about the heartbreak and loss that fueled John Lennon's music, Nowhere boy does not focus on music as much as it does on John's relationships with the two parental figures in his life: his mother and his aunt Mimi. His mother abandoned him as a young child and it was not until his teenage years that he developed an unbalanced, flirtatious relationship with her that taught him to love rock and roll. His strong-willed aunt Mimi raised him during his years of helpless abandonment and the feud between these two women nearly tears John apart. The quietly emotional scenes are where Nowhere Boy works best, and Aaron Johnson truly holds his own at the center of the film. Although unlikely, a sequel that covers John's rise to fame would be more than welcome.

Jamie C (us) wrote: After the first made me paranoid for a few days I went into this expecting it to be just as disturbing but im afraid they have replaced most of the scares with very bloody action, There are still a few jumps to be had but nothing like the first, Plus it changes the story completely by changing the fact that they are now possessed by the devil and not infected by a virus, It did answer a few questions from the first but it did leave new questions unanswered also some plot holes didn't help the tone of the film and the last 20 minutes was good but it felt too silly and more like something out of a game but it had some good twists but the first was so much better.

Wong Y (jp) wrote: Clever. Never thought of it this way.

Vishal V (de) wrote: a must watch action movie.......... Takashi rock

Heather B (gb) wrote: I was SHOCKED Meryl Streep and Aiden Quinn found this script captivating enough to actually ACT in. I found the movie UN-interesting and terribly goofy (I don't think it was really meant to be). Most of it was in Chinese w/ English subtitles so it was annoying and had a crappy plot

Francisco F (ag) wrote: Kevin Spacey rate son passage derriere la camera, mais c'est bon de revoir Matt Dillon.

Annette C (ru) wrote: wonderful film, I will never tire of it......

christine m (ru) wrote: Three Victorian gents and obnoxious young Satanist end to revive Dracula who goes after the trios families. Visuals, score and atmosphere are wonderful, and even if sucking of young audience is there - "innocent" young couple is terrorized by evil older patriarcs - this element is not only lapped by critics, but also highlighted and underlined by them .

Kevin R (kr) wrote: I'm tired of being my own wifeCaptain Henri Rochard is a French officer and Lieutenant Catherine Gates is an American officer that is ordered to get married, enter Germany as a married couple, and stop a diabolical Nazi scientist. They initially hate the idea until they fall in love during the mission. When they arrive back home after completing the mission, they'll need to find a way to stay together despite being sent in separate directions."You're behaving like a little boy.""I know it."Howard Hawks, director of Rio Bravo, The Big Sleep, His Girl Friday, Bringing up Baby, Gentleman Prefer Blonds, Monkey Business, and Scarface (1932), delivers I Was a Male War Bride. The storyline for this picture is just okay but fun to watch unfold. The characters are very well written and acted and I enjoyed watching the performance of the cast. The cast includes Cary Grant, Ann Sheridan, Randy Stuart, Marion Marshall, and Bill Neff."I think you're repulsive."I grabbed this off Netflix because it starred the marvelous Cary Grant (one of my all time favorites). This was not as interesting as I'd hoped but was entertaining. The comedic content is just okay but Grant's whit was well delivered, as always, and the interactions between characters were fun. This is worth a viewing but isn't the all time classic you may expect."I'm going to marry her again?"Grade: B-

Bill T (br) wrote: I liked this one for the main reason that the mystery involves squabbling couples in Reno, which at that time was considered the Divorce capital of the world. because of it's looser laws. Anyways, a divorcee-to-be is murdered! Who did it? Was it her husband? His wife-to-be? Her Boyfriend? The cop?!? All sorts of syspects. This was a fun one actually. Not too hard to follow, and the location makes it novel.

Nicky N (mx) wrote: Pretty Good Action Thriller.B-

Mark W (br) wrote: "You ain't got a license to kill bookies and today I ain't sellin' any. So take your flunky and dangle".It was in 1984 that we were introduced to (what would become) two of cinema's finest writer/director's in Joel & Ethan Coen. Their darkly cynical debut Blood Simple grabbed audiences by the crotch yet their wacky follow up, Raising Arizona, managed to tickle said area. By their third film, Miller's Crossing, there was no denying that this was truly a creative partnership that knew how to construct and deliver films of great substance and enjoyment.In an unnamed town during prohibition times, Tom (Gabriel Byrne) is the right-hand man to crime boss Leo (Albert Finney). Leo is heavily involved with Verna (Marcia Gay Harden) and losing his judgement as a result. When rival boss Johnny Caspar (Jon Polito) comes to Leo for permission to kill Verna's brother Bernie (John Turturro) for double-crossing him, he's refused. What follows, is a war between gangs and Tom finds himself shifting allegiances while playing one side against the other.When it was released in 1990, Miller's Crossing was a box-office failure. It took about half of it's reportedly $10 million budget and I often wonder if this could have been influenced by Martin Scorsese's more realistic gangster film, Goodfellas, being released in the same year. In hindsight, though, it has achieved somewhat of a cult status and celebrated for depicting it's criminals and their unlawful activity in a very different fashion. The Coen's have been known to reference a few hard-boiled crime writers throughout their films: James M. Cain had a heavy presence in The Man Who Wasn't There and Blood Simple while Raymond Chandler coursed through The Big Lebowski. In this case, it's Dashiell Hammett and, most notably, his novels The Glass Key and Red Harvest that Miller's Crossing references and intertwines.Set in 1929, Barry Sonnenfeld's rich cinematography is a thing of sumptuous beauty. He captures the time and feel of the 20's to absolute perfection by utilising a very particular gradation of colour in deep red, green and brown hues. This is arguably the Coen's most visually stunning film to date and that's saying something considering the meticulous attention to detail throughout most of their work.The characters are just as rich. I'm not normally a fan of Gabriel Byrne but at the centre of the labyrinthine plot he delivers a solidly reserved performance as consigliere Tom Reagan, while those around about him have the more colourful, offbeat roles - the kind of which we have now become accustomed to with the Coen's. From Albert Finney's hopelessly romantic kingpin, Leo O'Bannion to (Coen regulars) Jon Polito as his hotheaded nemesis Johnny Caspar, John Turturro's shady bookie, Bernie Bernbaum and his cohort Mink, a small but important Steve Buscemi. All of them deliver memorable work and play like caricatures from the gangster sub-genre. Their dialogue is just as colourful as their characters and the Coen's ability to write snappy, witty lines has never been more present than it is here. From some corners, the film received criticism for being too self-conscious in its approach. There are metaphoric images of Fedora's tumbling through autumnal forests and hilarious discussions on the "ethics" of corrupt business but these moments only add to the film's originality and it's ability to carve it's own niche. Admittedly, there isn't the sense of realism that you'd expect from a gangster film but when the characterisation and pallet are as striking as they are, then it's an approach that's very welcome indeed.Those who have a particular appreciation for the film-noir's of yesteryear will, no doubt, be the kind of audience that Miller's Crossing will appeal to most. However, those that appreciate smart storytelling while basking in gloriously visual filmmaking will be in safe company too. Miller's Crossing was one of the Coen brothers' earlier works and, to this day, remains one of their best.Mark Walker

Chey Y (ag) wrote: Great direction, good acting, gritty and violent, but the plot is formulaic.