Problem Child 3: Junior In Love

Problem Child 3: Junior In Love

Bratty Junior Healy is back to bring you chapter 3 in the rambunctious, slapstick Problem Child trilogy!!

This movie tells a story from multiple drawings in a coloring book, and it switches to his classroom where he is told by Miss Hicks (Marianne Muellerleile) that he got an F for not finishing his science project, and he mentions that "it's all about sound waves", and the bell rings, causing a set of traps to trigger, and her to fall out a window. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jesper J (es) wrote: A good espionage thriller centered around a blind pianist who joins a group of code breakers.

Eric B (br) wrote: I don't want to waste anymore time here on this movie that I have to.. It's awful, just awful. can we leave it at that? You've been warned.

Martin A (br) wrote: This could have been a masterpiece but fell a bit short. I love so much about this movie and tend to enjoy the deep sci-fi that leaves you wondering. However it seems almost incomplete. Despite being beautifully shot and having an awesome score, it should have at least attempted to come together at the end and the British accents for Russians did not work for me. But I found so much great stuff in this film that I gave it 4 stars and really think people should see it. I know it had a limited budget but it just seemed so close to the move we all hoped would happen . Going to watch it again to see what I missed.

David S (jp) wrote: Compelling drama immersed in a culture of three different religions. It's a non-linear story that feels slightly gimmicky at times, but is overall successfully evokes its circumstances and its characters.

Dean M (ag) wrote: Above average high octane action with action hero Steven Seagal. His early movies are better than this. On the plus side, they don't even bother hiding that face that Seagal has become old and fat. However, he doesn't take himself too serious, by playing a down-on-his-luck drunk. The film itself is alright. The final half hour of the film offers two yawn-provokingly boring scenes of epic gun play. The cutting is too reckless, and the slow-motion (when used) is used badly.

Nick P (es) wrote: Really, really intruiging story, and Ian McKellen is an absolute master as usual!

David C (it) wrote: Its not a masterpice film, but it has some good stunts.

Aditya M (au) wrote: I knew Clint Eastwood was in Firefox, though I cannot remember the stars in the movie. How the MiG 25 is 'Foxbat', and the plane in the movie is 'Firefox' is intriguing. The most appearingly beautiful plane, but what a plane should not be in design. The plane is supposed to be a high fast flier, but with the resistance to atmosphere, due to the nose being flat, and big, that it took off, is a great feat, if at all.

Christopher B (kr) wrote: This was a good film overall. Touching, funny, and well done.

Jaime R (jp) wrote: While it is not as strong as "Letters from Iwo Jima", it is still a rather impressive look on the American side of the battle.