One bright day in the early 21st Century, there was a gathering of human beings unlike any before.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:95 minutes
  • Release:2010
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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One bright day in the early 21st Century, there was a gathering of human beings unlike any before. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Problema torrent reviews

Daniel M (mx) wrote: one of the worst movies in history

Frances H (us) wrote: I did not like this movie until the end, because until then the main character was really disgusting, but I liked the message that he learned in the end that he should change and he did. The very end was more dramatic than if the director had showed us what Nick said, but I would have liked to have heard it anyway.

TTT C (kr) wrote: (***): Thumbs Up Small thumbs up for this one. I had some fun with it even though it was rather predictable. It reminded me a lot of a film called The Commitments (which I consider to be a very good film).

scot s (fr) wrote: Great movie. did not get the recognition that it deserved

Facebook U (it) wrote: The story feels like it was meant for the TV series. More focus on special effects and spectacle, vs a strong and engaging story. Still an enjoyable spectacle with an amazing score.

Gina R (ag) wrote: gotta love bob hope and dorothy lamour

Evelyn T (br) wrote: Funny movie. Several scenes made me laugh out loud. I really like that it portrays the elderly as real people that can do, say, act like they want, not how society tells them they need to act.

Raji K (de) wrote: Disney in 1942 presented us with the story of the young deer Bambi. Although the film came out in 1942, there are probably not many who knows does not know of the demise of Bambi's mother. This was such a bold and strong move that Disney made, that would never be in today's modern PC world. This portion of the film represents not even more than 10 minutes of the movie, but remains a powerful scene. If you are like I was, and did not remember anything else in the movie, but this scene and the character Thumper, the rest of the film is as follows. Bambi is born as the new prince deer of the forest and all the animals of the forest are eager to meet him. As Bambi grows up he learns to walk and speak with the help of his rabbit friend Thumper. Bambi learns the ways of nature as he learns of the beautiful flowers in the spring. There is an excellent scene where he huddles with his mother as a terrible thunderstorm frightens him. In the harshness of winter, he learns how to survive with minimal food. He also learns to enjoy winter as he cascades across the ice with Thumper. He explores a meadow with his mother and learns the dangers of mankind, and how being in an open field makes him more exposed. Bambi features gorgeous backdrops of nature and the animation of the forest animals on top of it. Even for 1942 the film looks good, and holds up rather well. A majority of the film syncs up beautiful orchestra music perfectly in tune to the movements of the characters. Much of the film is almost like a longer nature scene from Fantasia. Additional characters include Bambi's endearing mother, his happy bunny friend Thumper, and a shy skunk who Bambi names Flower. Bambi's father is a masculine elk that is wise and has lived a long life and embodies what Bambi should become. As Bambi grows older he falls for a young doe, and learns to grow up and mature. The portrayal of mankind from the perspective of the forest animals was quite original and proactive for its time. The movie does not try and portray mankind as evil, nor does it have an anti-hunting message. It simply depicts how a forest animal would likely react and think of a hunter. Although the film is only 70 minutes, it features beautiful imagery, fun characters, excellent score, and a solid story. Bambi is one of the great Disney classics for a reason. -10.23.2016

Brad S (ca) wrote: Finally got around to watching this Disney classic movie, the standard by which all other "dog movies" are compared. It is pretty decent, but I wasn't blown away. The direction and acting aren't that strong and it took some of the power of the story away from me. Now, had I seen it as a kid first, I would likely feel differently, more nostalgic. In any case, it's certainly worth a watch.

Tyler R (au) wrote: It was ok. Had a interesting premise. But it was very slow and boring in lots of parts. The action was ok.

Jason T (gb) wrote: As far as coming of age movies go this could've been a lot better. And throughout the movie I kept feeling why isn't this movie better? The cast is great and the performances are decent but the movie gets boring without much going on. And it's a very forgettable a day later I can barely remember anything that happened in this film.

Brendan N (br) wrote: A high concept that failed to deliver. The film starts out strong but soon slides down hill with the move to the future setting. Diesel probably should stick to Riddick outside the Furious series as this is quite bad and very hollow. That twist for a certain character is so forced and stupid I almost gave up right then and there. I wouldn't even suggest this as a guilty pleasure, stay well clear of this mess.