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Procuro Uma Cama torrent reviews

Thomas W (au) wrote: The Family Tree is a movie that is such a formulaic crapfest it doesn't even deserve for me to take time out of my schedule to write-up this review of it as I already WASTED an hour and a half of my time trying to appreciate some aspect of it (Christina Hendricks is in it for all of 3 minutes in the first twelve and gone for the remainder). I couldn't find anything else here ... and I rarely say I "wasted" my time when talking about movies (I willingly watched the sequel to Garfield to review it for friends and family); but this IS time wasted. The movie takes so many swipes and swings at many hot-button topics (religion, sexuality, adultery and marriage) that it is all muddled and ridiculous. So much is thrown at this family of wretched individuals that the audience cannot even keep all of the stupid storylines straight -- none of it is reasonable or plausible. This might be one for those who want to "go back" to a nostalgic past of glory ... and this movie is everything that is wrong with that mindset.

Brooks L (es) wrote: Slow, unoriginal story, but great ending! Classic SAW move.

Jairo A (es) wrote: One of my favorite comedy/raunchy type movies! The characters is what makes this movie work nicely. Stifler, stiffler's mom, Jim, Jim's dad, shitbreak, the Shermanator, etc...awesome!!!

Private U (gb) wrote: One of the best movies I've seen... You can't get out of the theater unaffected!

Tyler S (nl) wrote: A very cool flick that really made Phiefer look like a badass.I saw the movie when I was younger so I might view it different nowadays, but I remember a real inspiring film dealing with troubled kids and eventually coming together. Yea it's sappy and somewhat predictable, but I liked her performance and the score was excellent. it's a true inspiring story that packs a good punch.

Narayanan A (au) wrote: 90% - The Lion King is a classic due to its beautiful animation and great characters that stand the test of time.

Josh W (ca) wrote: Preceding the madness that is Bad Lieutenant, King of New York is moderately tame in comparison to Ferrara's later film, but it still packs quite the punch as a gritty crime/action flick. Christopher Walken, "Larry" Fishburne, and David Caruso eat up the screen with charisma and each scene becomes more volatile than the last, invoking a sense of danger that is characteristic of Frank White.

Chris S (it) wrote: Too cartoon-y. I mean the movie even opens with Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck! Sure, I got a few laughs out of it, but mostly it was just a muddled series of parody and slapstick humor which dragged on for way too long.

Richard B (ag) wrote: I liked this Woody Allen quite a bit. It tells a few different stories that I enjoyed and the cast is great. I think that this older film is very good, but I think it didn't live up to my high expectations as I heard this was one of Woody Allen's best films and it's good, but I didn't love it. Overall this is a very solid Woody Allen film that I enjoyed.

Jaime R (fr) wrote: Even the most boring of subjects can be made so great. (Again, Louis Malle did this one)

elaine d (gb) wrote: This movie has Eric Roberts and Sissy Spasek.

John N (ca) wrote: This is a great movie, light and fluffy.

Leo B (gb) wrote: Not one of Chevy Chase's best films but the pairing of him with Benji makes this a must see family movie to watch!!!!!!!

alex f (au) wrote: A bit disturbing (even for a prison flick)

dolan d (ag) wrote: i luv de son moer. but stil scari