Profils paysans: l'approche

Profils paysans: l'approche


The first of a documentary serie about rural France . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Profils paysans: l'approche torrent reviews

kimberly m (gb) wrote: I loved it so cool Bryan =Luke benward is so cute, and Skylar and Bryan is cute as a couple:-) :-)

MariePier D (de) wrote: The mysterious snowball with bad powers was really weird, but I liked the rest, the end of the world catastrophes...

Justin D (de) wrote: This is a compelling movie. The Brechtian elements are refreshing and interesting. The mise-en-scene and story telling in general is very sharp. Recommended.

Milan S (it) wrote: Nada especial. Un poco aburrido, pero tiene sus momentos de emotividad.

Nicky S (it) wrote: A solid, likable movie which is definitely a B movie (it doesn't really have the polish of an A movie at all) but while not critically acclaimed and virtually unknown, I kinda have a soft spot for it. It has a solid, captivating story, good action scenes, and very good cinematography. The actors are unknown and the story itself is unknown, but that's part of the charm. It's charming and a nice movie to watch (just over an hour too).Overall, not a masterpiece or landmark in cinema, but a very good, enjoyable film. (By the way, I got Modesty's audience rating from 28% to 29%, so I guess in a movie with so few ratings mine makes a difference).

Ahmad J (it) wrote: I saw this movie a while ago and liked it. It's extremely violent though, even more than one might expect from a Jet Li movie!

Aaron B (us) wrote: A really weak movie, which is strange given the hilarious skits this group once was able to create.

Stanley C (kr) wrote: Definitely one of my new favorite movies! I so can relate to the ambivalence between the father and his sons. Beautiful movie! Powerful themes! I love how he cross references things from generation to generation! Though at the end I was tempted to laugh because it was predictable, BUT I did feel really touched(teared up a little). So I give Nava that! Kudos!

David D (kr) wrote: How can you give this 5/5 Dan

Gav R (mx) wrote: just brilliant acting, script and storyline. An English Gran Torino but better

Kaloni J (es) wrote: this is a great movie. i like 7 brides for 7 brothers better though.