Profissão Mulher

Profissão Mulher

The destiny of four women - a beautiful model, an alcoholic, a middle-aged spinster and a famous model - is traced inside an advertising agency. They all look for true love and professional...

The destiny of four women - a beautiful model, an alcoholic, a middle-aged spinster and a famous model - is traced inside an advertising agency. They all look for true love and professional... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mike L (kr) wrote: A powerful tale about loss and healing."Speak the truth!"

Alberta A (ca) wrote: too many scenes in the dark, hard to follow. did not like

Julian T (fr) wrote: As is common with many of this type of low budgeted horror film, the final product is greatly divided. It does alot of things well, but unfortunately it does alot of things badly as well. As a general rule, the things it does well can be found in the first 45 or so minutes while the later half contains most of the films inadequacies. This is to be expected, as these inexpensive movies often don't have the effects, acting or production values and therefore have to rely on tension and atmosphere to deliver the scares. Unfortunatley for them you have to show the audience something at some point, and this is where the wheels come off for this one. As stated, its desolate feel and creepy backwoods vibe work quite well in the early portions. Its script is ok, even though the acting is mediocre at best. Creates some creepy moments, and I recall jumping a couple times. Eventually however, its scares become more and more contrived and reliant on gore and goes the cliche scary kids route. Nothing is ever really explained, tied in, or makes much sense at the end and you're just kind of left with an uncongealed mess of unexplained plot details which had the potential to be much better. I guess it is about 50/50 crap vs. positives, so in my book that nets a neutral final score.

nacha d (br) wrote: i want to see this movie again.. cause i was so young when i saw it, that i don't remember very much lol

Ryan V (br) wrote: Die-Hard wannabe that is more entertaining than it has any right to be.

J L (fr) wrote: This is one of those movies you can watch anytime and find something to enjoy more about it. The script, the cast, the characters they play, the whole fucking movie is just fun and hilarious to watch. I love this movie.

Edith N (nl) wrote: Too Long for the Story It Has to Tell This afternoon, I leave for the last weekend of the Washington State Renaissance Fantasy Faire. I've been going since about 1999, give or take, and the only year I've missed was last year, which doesn't count, because we didn't have faire anymore. So believe me when I say I know a thing or two about what this film is apparently trying to show. Now, I promise you that faire folk are crazy. Very, very crazy. However, we are crazy in an entirely different way. For one, our insurance simply won't cover some of the ways these people are crazy. Letting people from the crowd armour up and ride motorcycles in an actual by-Gods motorcycle joust? That's not going to happen, not least because, really, motorcycles? We have horses. Any faire worth its salt has horses. Yeah, all right, horses are a lot more expensive, but you hurt yourself a lot less if you fall off a horse. Except any unseating done at our jousting is choreographed, because not choreographing when you're using lances is just stupid. At least they're wearing something approximating armour--and, to my delight, several of them are riding sidehacks, a think I did not imagine existed outside the imagination of the guys who wrote, well, [i]The Sidehackers[/i]. An already-balding Ed Harris plays Billy, who plays King Arthur in the single most pathetic renaissance faire I've ever seen. He leads a group of crazy people who mostly seem to actually inhabit their faire personas. (You haven't lived until you've seen Mary Queen of Scots running around after hours in jeans.) They are mostly interchangeable, or at least I didn't catch most of their names. Anyway, appropriately, the king's authority is challenged by Morgan (Tom Savini), who eventually runs off to found his own big-business pathetic ren faire. There is much drama about this. Meanwhile, Alan (Gary Lahti), I think, hooks up with a girl--Julie (Patricia Tallman), I assume, because she's the one with a normal name--who'd attended the faire with her obnoxious parents. This is I think what causes them trouble with the law, which sort of vanishes when the plot calls for it to do so, though I think it's part of what's responsible for Billy's loss of control over the group. Or something. It's kind of hard to tell what's going on a lot of the time. I note with some delight that the obnoxious guy of whom I though, "Hey, he looks like Stephen King" turned out to be, of all people, Stephen King, complete with Tabby playing his wife. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised by this. King is a known Romero fan. Also, in the '80s, King was dealing with several crappy movies. (He's since apologized for [i]Maximum Overdrive[/i]; I think we can safely blame the cocaine for that one.) He played a character honest-to-Gods called "Hoagie Man," with Tabby of course as "Hoagie Man's Wife." The joy of playing a minor role. And, indeed, several of the actors from this film would go on to play minor characters in movies based on Stephen King works, generally including [i]The Dark Half[/i] and the various [i]Creepshow[/i] movies. Could be worse, I guess. The thing is, what occupied my mind here was all the places where the various characters weren't at all like faire folk. For one, there's the utter disregard for their merchants. Yes, people who come through the gate aren't doing so for the shopping, but at our faire, thousands of dollars of business get done every day. The faire couldn't exist without them. It's kind of a symbiotic relationship. There's also a heck of a lot more to faire than four shops, a roast corn booth, and bizarre motorcycle-based jousting. We have, in addition to several dozen booths, about four stages filled with singers, storytellers, puppet shows, a juggler, a magic act (I've seen it; I don't believe it!), and so forth. We've got the royal court, which parades around the faire site a couple of times a day in great pomp and circumstance and velvet dresses. And again, we change clothes. These people seem to spend all their time prancing around in their event clothes, and they only have one set. It could be just me, but that seems really gross. It is also true that the merchants and the jousters (and the court and the performers, but the film doesn't pay attention to them except inasmuch as it conflates jousters and court) are autonomous from one another. Where one goes, all do not go--although there are certain events most of the same merchants hit. This is not a good movie. It really isn't. It's not terrible, but there's a difference between "not terrible" and "good." For one, I don't think it really needs to be nearly two and a half hours long. Even given that we're juggling something like three plots, each plot felt full of superfluous bits. I think watching Ed Harris's descent into madness could be kind of entertaining, but there are just a few moments of that. And then we get Morgan doing some kind of random photo shoot. It's very silly. Mostly in an entertaining way, I'll admit. There are even one or two pretty good shots, though the best two are so far at the end of the movie that I'd have to give away plot in order to explain them. Still, by about an hour and a half in, you may be able to guess what the stunning twist ending will be. At least if you can untangle what's going on, not an exercise for the faint of heart.

Steve B (ag) wrote: A sweet invitation to follow the scandalous and vain life of nobody Dawn Davenport from dumb schoolgirl to daughter of deception to child-mom to waitress, road side stripper, petty thief, super model disfigured and superstar killer on the loose! No this is not the stupid lives of Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan or Paris Hilton coz this one is goin'straight to the good old electric chair. This was reality tv in 1972!

Chris (de) wrote: Fantastic Western with Charlton Heston and an extremely batshit crazy Donald Pleasence. Plus it has Bruce Dern and any movie with Bruce Dern is worth seeing.

Adam W (ca) wrote: I didnt realise sword fighting could be this boring, Pathfinder is so uninspiring I struggled to finish the film..