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Programado para matar


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Giorgos T (us) wrote: A beautiful film, with a moving story and an unforgettable soundtrack by Joe Hisaishi.

Niraj V (it) wrote: A very interesting movie, using the immersion of Gandhi's ashes as the backdrop. Paresh Rawal excels as the protagonist who is torn between supporting his community's protest and fulfilling a professional commitment. Rawal puts across, very effectively, his struggle with the community leaders, and more importantly with himself, and finally gives in to the voice of his conscience and does the right thing. This is really what the movie is all about, and to that extent one has to understand that this could be about any person or community, not necessarily the one depicted in the movie. All the characters in the movie are really put into the shade by Paresh Rawal and therefore there is no point in dwelling much on them, though Pavan Malhotra, as the Maulana, stands out and comes close to giving Rawal a run for his money. Can you follow the voice of your conscience in the face of opposition, be it from any quarter? At what point will you give in? Do you really have it in you to stand by the courage of your convictions? I heartily recommend this one to all of you, though being a Dec 2009 release, you'll have to visit your local DVD library to get it.

Jenn T (gb) wrote: Excellent narration! Grand cinematography! Very much a film of artistic methods.

Art P (kr) wrote: It's one of those movies you see once maximum. It's not great but It's Okay to see one time.

Sahitya S (jp) wrote: nice, sensible film... issues tackled with sense.john abrahim is a bad actor... period

Mohammed A (es) wrote: The first movie was better than this

Zaar D (jp) wrote: some cheesy V-ball movie

Nathan S (gb) wrote: 'Metropolitan' is not only Stillman's best, but one of the best independent films of the 90's. 8.8/10

Mark D (nl) wrote: Not particularly mind blowing. The interesting part is the controversy surrounding the production. The film itself is pretty bog standard in all depts.

Larry D (kr) wrote: We've seen many movies with this theme before, but the outstanding acting, multi-leveled characters, and stylistically original (even by today's standards) directing bring this one WAY above the others. Maybe it's because, being filmed in 1964, it's not a period piece, but the movie remains consistantly honest and never once slips into melodrama.

Michael T (nl) wrote: Luscious color photography and gliding camera shots ruined by a bland leading lady.