Project: Metalbeast

Project: Metalbeast

With the medical breakthrough of a metal-based synthetic skin called "bio-ferron" the prospect for pioneering surgeries for burn victims and cancer patients seems set to occur but for the warped head scientist in's a opportunist chance to reactivate a long forgotten classified project...that has been left frozen in a set of cryogenic chambers deep beneath the bowels of government laboratory. Convincing the other in the research team to start work on putting this living 'metal' skin on corpses, he now has the perfect test patients waiting on ice for them to work on. But there was a reason three of these stiffs in particular where left to chill. Due to an experiment gone bad these three only look human on the outside and none of them are as dead as everyone believes they are.

In 1974, an American agent in Eastern Europe injects himself with the blood of a werewolf. His body is put in suspended animation, then brought back 20 years later by a renegade intelligence agent. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mrten E (fr) wrote: Klart ovntat bra bubblare som utspelar sig i England, men handlar om thrillerliknande frvecklingar i efterdyningarna av Irak-kriget. Riktigt vlproducerad. Rekommenderas.

Andrea M (jp) wrote: Okay, I know I don't work for the company, but it's a real tear-jerker to watch a documentary filled with priceless footage of hardworking animators birthing the characters/stories that fill so many classic films, and learn about their incredible struggles to do so.Even so, by the end, I desperately wanted to be a part of their world.

Frank N (nl) wrote: This has to be the worst movie I ever saw. The dialog is so bad it's hilarious, and the rest of the script isn't any better. The acting is an abomination, and the set is made of plastic. I really hope this was a low-low-low-budget movie, because that would at least justify my half star rating for the effort the filmmakers made in showing up for work at all.

Elgan D (gb) wrote: A captivating character piece with an involving central performance from Cornish. Sam Worthington is a weak point struggling with the depth of emotions required for the role.

Sean D (it) wrote: Very moving and introspective film.

Lok N (nl) wrote: This is Not My Favor Movie. But I Do Like it To Make Ppl Tears Down.

Ashton L (de) wrote: Sylvester Stallone and Wesley Snipes charisma together in this over the top sci-fi film alone are enough to warrant a watch. The world is a little unrealistic and it's hard to put yourself in this future as if it could be a real one. However, if you can put that aside I think you will find an enjoyable, charming, and unique 90's action movie fit for any fan of that genre.

Caleb B (fr) wrote: An interesting look at the Holocaust through the eyes of a Jewish boy trying to survive the horror by being a Nazi.

Yvonne D (mx) wrote: a very good movie love it

Michael L (au) wrote: Critically lauded in its time, but it apparently didn't age well. I didn't need to see another boring adaptation of the "Romeo & Juliet" story.

Miguel R (es) wrote: Stylish, unique, and surreal, Dark City is a fantastic piece of sci-fi fantasy thanks to its dazzling visuals and eerie feel

Gabriel C (fr) wrote: Seems as though the Coen Brothers can't make a bad movie.

Paul L (es) wrote: This is the earthy, Portland-dwelling cousin of "My Dinner With Andre."

STCENTERPRISE (br) wrote: The Heat 2013I liked the music choices and the writing because writing is pretty well done. I liked the opening introduction for both characters. I was surprised to see the actor who played Biff, Griff, from Back to the Future Trilogy and also seeing a regular guest star from the Big Bang Theory in this film.I think this film has a lot of hilarious moments I just wish that it had less swearing and inappropriate sexual content. Some of the interrogation scenes I enjoyed. I liked the first interrogation with Sandra Bulluack's character with Millisa MaCarthy which I found hilarious. There were a few scenes I did not enjoy or did not get because I think there were missing something in order to better understand the scene. Like the club scene at first I was not exactly sure what was going on as far as why or what Sandra Ballack was doing dressed the way she was or what she doing till very late in the scene. Another one was my Mellisa MaCathy's father had Jesus doing sports activities like baseball, basketball and hockey and what the significance was of that.

Joey Z (ag) wrote: Kind of dragging but it was a good movie at the end.