Projeto Axé

Projeto Axé


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    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1992
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  • Category:General
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  • Uploader:KimHoaNg
  • Country:USA
  • Director:Ana Castro
  • Writer:N/A

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August M (es) wrote: If A Tree Falls is powerful, eye-opening, and unbiased account of what is being labeled as "ecoterrorism". It remains engaging throughout and doesn't search for the easy answers.

Rachel Bilson Mischa Bartons n (ag) wrote: I love that scene when boby is goin for a jog and start imaging stuff

FilmGrinder S (nl) wrote: Knightley is the best thing about this movie. There's a couple of others, who give decent preformances, in this mediocre tale.

Ann S (kr) wrote: suffered all the way through this stupid movie just to watch the Jo character and helen Mirren only to have the last minute sliced off at the end. But then I thought, eh, WHO CARES?

Christina I (de) wrote: I watched half of this movie but I never got to finish it because the VHS was messed up. 2 1/2 stars so far.

Charles C (ca) wrote: One of the most delightfully bad eighties horror movies I've seen in a long time. It's stupid and poorly acted; pure enjoyment! The practical affects, while cheesy, are pretty funny. The ending is the only part that I didn't care for. A must see for fans of hilarious eighties schlock.

Ryan P (it) wrote: Well, there are mixed emotions about this one. Claimed to be a "cult classic" this movie, in my opinion, is that you couldn't make me watch it even for a good amount of money. Since we are in the era of technology where the level of technology is growing exponentially, we can't really be fascinated by movies like "Kingdom of the Spiders". This can be a positive and negative thing. People who got to witness cult classics like "Kingdom of the Spiders" during their time were more positively affected, than kids born around the 90's and 2000's. In terms of the plot, I feel like the movie wasn't realistic and it doesn't reflect human actions when an 8-legged crawler is on them. The only way I was affected by this movie was at the actual look of the spiders. I would have to give them a good job for the way the spiders looked. Real or not, they pulled off a great looking spider. The acting in this movie was not the best as it seemed to reflect characters that lacked expression and seemed to be paralyzed once they were encountered with a spider. Souderton Area High School's very own Mr. Curtis claims that "William Shatner is one of my favorites!". His class disagrees, however. A student which the name is disclosed for privacy claims that "Who is William Shatner? Oh... The guy who talked funny?". I personally feel like the movie lacked a certain message and had no theme delivered to the audience. In conclusion, the movie failed to grab the minds of the young adults simply because it is outdated. With the film industry correlating with the technology era, simple cult classics like "Kingdom of the Spiders" cannot be seen as a good movie. However, this doesn't mean there will be an end to cult classics, this could mean that more modern cult classics will rise as the old ones will fall.

Trent M (mx) wrote: Good, not great movie of son relating story of his trapper father and the circumstances that led to him marrying a pretty young Blackfoot woman. Some nice action with the leads doing the expected good work. You don't often see an Indian chief wearing a suit of armour, but you will here. Short and worth a watch if you've some time to kill.

Howard S (ca) wrote: Haunting and profound. I watched this film four times to catch every moment.

Alex G (ru) wrote: Political propaganda on rampage. In a post 9/11 world, this movie feels all the more unsettling.

Jay B (de) wrote: Awkward and disturbed.. Swanson is hot, that's about the highlight.

Christopher B (ag) wrote: Cute movie. I enjoyed it.

Marji P (ca) wrote: For reasons unknown, this is my favorite movie of all times. It's schmaltzy, predictable and wonderful. After 40 years, I still cry like a baby.

xGary X (fr) wrote: An oddball collection of individuals from varying backgrounds and parts of the globe board a ship bound for Africa to seek their fortunes. Obviously an homage to Huston's classic debut The Maltese Falcon, Beat The Devil is a curious mix of comedy and intrigue that doesn't really work as either. The collection of racial stereotypes on display farcically bumping into each other, engaging in affairs and hushed conversations made it feel like an Agatha Christie murder mystery; but with out the murder. Or the mystery. Bogie coasts through the film with a look of mild amusement exercising his usual dry wit and Robert Morley seems to be doing a kind of stuffy Sidney Greenstreet impersonation, but all the characters are really rather annoying and it's kind of difficult to care what happens to any of them. The ladies were easy on the eye and Bogart is always worth watching but during the whole thing I just wished I was watching Across the Pacific instead.