Promedio rojo

Nerdy comic book aficionado Roberto Rodriguez battles low self-esteem, loser friends and vicious high school bullies as he vies for the heart of Cristina, the hot new girl from Madrid.

Nerdy comic book aficionado Roberto Rodriguez battles low self-esteem, loser friends and vicious high school bullies as he vies for the heart of Cristina, the hot new girl from Madrid

Promedio rojo is a funny movie of Nicolás López, Beatriz Santana (script collaborator), Manuel Santana (script collaborator). This movie was introduced in 2004. You can check list actors in this movies torrent, such as Ariel Levy, Xenia Tostado, Benjamín Vicuña, Nicolás Martínez, Berta Muñiz, Fernando Larraín, Tatiana Astengo, María Cristina Peña y Lillo, Fernando Farías, Teresita Reyes, Ernesto Belloni, Katty Kowaleczko, Eduardo Bertran, Santiago Segura, Daniel Segal. Movie' genres are Comedy. This movie was rated by 5.5 in www.imdb.com. This is really a good movie to watch. Share with your friends and watch this movie together

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Users reviews

Alex S (ca)

Expect the worst to happen, lol

Ashley H (au)

I enjoyed watching this motion picture because of suspense and drama. John Brahm did a great job directing this movie. The screenplay is well written. Laird Cregar and Linda Darnell give excellent performances. It is about a composer who finds his life poisoned by a music hall dancer and strange gaps in his memory. Hangover Square is suspenseful period film

Calyre Z (ca)

"L'ombre d'un soupon"

Cameron F (fr)

Steenburgen saves this tiring drama about a writer and her days on an orange grove

Chris W (kr)

. must see n must own movie

DC F (mx)

Snipes was aggressive at being a greedy gangster and was complimented by both his own associates as well as Ice-T's character plotting against him. This movie-making style actually was the one that busted open the door for many imitators even being used today. One of my favorite movies in the 90s and definitely one of the most influential

EightThirty (gb)

I wonder if there is a sequel? I would definitely check it out. It's quite an awful thought but it is a suitable plot for this flavor on interest. In a weird way I enjoyed the way they were still being kids among themselves but what I could see is that innocence fused with darkness is not entirely wicked when you think you are the good guys. 08/08/2010 (ONLINE)Such dreadful children! But why do I like them?? If you were to hook "The Little Rascals" up with the "Orphan", you would end up with this lot

Evan J (au)

Still a fun movie about the possible horrors that await for us in the unknown of space. Appears to take place in the CSI world where a psychologist can also be a chemist and an engineer, and where a navy man can be in charge of the space program and moonlight as a detective. A B scifi movie where the first man in space comes back as a blood thirsty monster

Greg P (gb)

liked the grandmother. good idea for a film,but the script was poor and the acting wasnt much better,BUT,for some strange reason i actually quite enjoyed this film,and i was sober

James S (nl)

) I should also mention to those who love Mystery Science Theater that this film was made for riffing, even though the scenes with Harry and Jimmy will leave you speechless. (The use of marijuana is also illegal except for medical purposes, or if you live in Vancouver where they just don't care. ) It is definitely worth viewing just to see the Ritz Brothers in action, don't forget to twist one first though. (Don't pirate, it is illegal. It is a hard film to find, but there is a torrent available. Anti viagra to be sure. There is only one sex scene involving a woman shrimping a skinny ugly dude. The real failing of the film is there is very little actual nudity or sex that is so necessary for a sex romp of this nature. The acting, such as it is, the clothing, and the script are typical of the period. It really doesn't matter if you enjoy taking a walk down a 1970's memory lane. The plot revolves around four stewardesses who are convinced to try prostitution at a dude ranch, I think. Every scene with them is astonishing, they are so unfunny that they are truly funny. Instead we get The Ritz Brothers, Harry and Jimmy who were Vaudeville comedians. The film was to have the Three Stooges as comic relief, but the death of Moe Howard changed that. This is not a great film, in fact the opposite, but it has a surreal quality that really requires one to be stoned immaculate to truly enjoy it. I first saw this film at a drive-in theater in 1978, and it has haunted me ever since