Promise Me Not

Promise Me Not

Two lovers are plunged into their deep love but face so many obstacles. They decide to end their lives to meet again in another world. But they spend three different lives and three million years to meet each other again.

Two people fall madly in love but face so many obstacles to being together. They decide to end their lives in the hopes of meeting again in another world. But they spend three different ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Chanse B (us) wrote: I did not like this movie, the drawings scenes were unnecessary and ruin action parts, they have rules they made just for Rafe to show off and look like a perfect hero, and the message did not get to me.

John R (de) wrote: The shark kept chasing me. He had a huge scar across his face. It(TM)s like he knew who I was.?

Tanmoy C (it) wrote: Though keeps you intrigued, the script has several flaws. Ultimate not quite satisfying film.

Seth K (ag) wrote: I liked the reviewer who said "best climbing film I've ever seen." I though "I dare you to name a second climbing film." okay - Avalance. That was horrible. Guess this one must be the best after all.

Scott M (ag) wrote: A film about courage in the face of evil. The makers want to inspire people that bravery, and the belief in the dignity of all human beings, can overcome hatred.

Lucas W (us) wrote: An interesting and unique films. I found it kind of adorable as well. It seems to shift genres too much, though, from a drama to a fantasy to a horror to a romance and back to drama in the end which is unfortunately a big downfall for me. It was well acted for the most part and well written. There were a few very interesting shots in the film as well which I liked. The ending was quite bittersweet for me though and I'm not sure that's the way they planned it, it seemed like it was supposed to be happy but I just kept feeling sad. I recommend for someone who wants to see a unique and interesting surreal film. 6/10.

Arthur P (de) wrote: Caine's acting is one of the few things to save on it. Ps: What a terrible score

Bruno V (ru) wrote: Enjoyed watching this 40-year old Classic , still cool & strong acting by Mr. De Niro 41th De-Niro-Movie so far ! SOMDVD

Michael P (es) wrote: An interesting film and a nice change of pace from Kevin Smith. While there are definitely some genuine comic moments, they are few and far between. Instead there is a mix of genres that somehow seems to work. The film is at first a horror/thriller and totally drew me in. It is dark, frantic and tense.It soon molds into a siege film, a bit of decent gun play with a little escape excitement thrown in. The film does get a little confused in its delivery but not in its message.In this world, there are ridiculous reasons which people use to condone evil actions (particularly within religion), and the extent to which they follow these beliefs into actions of violence and terrorism continues to astound me. Kevin Smith does well to endue hatred for the Cooper 'family' early on in the film and Michael Parks, as the head of this group of nutters, is charismatic and passionate, even if it is absolute nonsense that he is preaching. There are loads of recognisable faces in this, taken from pools of talent from both film and TV (Breaking Bad, True Blood). John Goodman is probably the most recognisable of these and does a believable turn as the federal agent charged with taking the Coopers down. It's important to note that the Government are not the good guys here either. They have their share of dark decisions and idiotic actions.I enjoyed this film....but this level of fanaticism in the name of God is guaranteed to make me angry and so I found this fairly uncomfortable watching.

Graeme B (jp) wrote: Not bad, but too long, too ambitious for it's own good and the storyline was, for me, too in depth for entertainment Sci-Fi...

Eva B (ca) wrote: It was a good film and though the director had much better films, this one is still good and portrays the rise and fall of a kid who wants to make it to the top and a greedy business overlord. I would recommend it though its definitely not for everyone