Pronksöö: Vene mäss Tallinnas

Pronksöö: Vene mäss Tallinnas


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Derek L (ag) wrote: semi-documentary masterpeice

Vincent H (br) wrote: Definitely not the first movie. A little over the top. Worth a watch on dvd or at DVDs rental price.

Elder Shanita B (it) wrote: Must we always be predictable and stereotypical : - (

Luke J (br) wrote: Interesting and very informative. But seemed a little amateur and about an hour longer than I hoped for.

Bianca L (br) wrote: Bad acting, loose script and not-so-funny situation comedy. Maybe it's just badly translated.

Nolan M (ru) wrote: A great film that does not get political, but goes into Ground Zero with the firefighters and policemen killed on 9/11. Overall a very powerful movie with a good performance from Nicholas Cage.

stefano l (de) wrote: Good fun and a lot of action. Maybe when you see it, you wonder: how much of this could actually be true? I don't know, but it's ok.

Dillon L (ru) wrote: Highly under rated, great acting and effects.

Tim M (nl) wrote: Gaspar Noe (Irreversible, Into the Void) helms this captivating look at an orphan that grows up to be a cynical misanthrope.

David W (it) wrote: A 90s Sci-Fi Classic with effects that look cool to today's standards

Private U (ag) wrote: I accidently came across this movie in a bargain bin at a Walmart! I loved it and so revolutionary for its time. The compassion played between Robin and Liza is truly beautiful and a true ode to friendship. Craig Russel was a talent and Hollis utterly believable in her role.

Darrin C (ca) wrote: I wasn't a fan of this overrated pic. The plot gave it potential, but it just seemed like a documentary about pals riding bikes. The acid trip was way too long as if they were just trying to waste film.

Matthew L (ag) wrote: An easy going western, supposedly based upon true events, where one tribe of Native American's are 'hired' to help defeat another, though its difficult to tell as there is no real context given to the film. We get some brief exposition that one tribe have been creating much difficulty for the 'American Cavalry' who then hire another that they had previously defeated to aid them in their fight. Some of the performances are very starched and the stereotyping is sadly very much in keeping with the period, the scenery looks good but then we expect that from a western, just wish they'd left some of the humour out of it.A gentle Sunday afternoon viewing, that will go down a treat with Granddad.

Austin S (br) wrote: You know for me I just found this movie to be very boring. I mean really al this movie is is just a bunch of kids in an attic hanging out and leaving every once in awile. Also it's very funny how the movie try's to make the granny so evil in this film. I mean I wouldnt say she's nice but count Olaf was meaner than her. There really wasn't that much to her in this film and this is no relation to the book. But really I found the mother to be more evil because she made the kids think there was a bright future for them and just Made them think there was going to be a way out in the end even thoe instead she planned to kill them. I thought one of the most sinister moments in this film was when the mother told the kids that the little boy twin died. Just the way she looked is what made it so sinister. How she had no emotions on her face. Also the way she died was just a joke. But in the end this movie was just boring with really nothing to care about because of how uninteresting it was. I mean it would of been nice if the kids went searching around the house a lot more than they did but instead they just did nothing half of the time and just hung out in an attic and died slowly. Also it's funny that they didn't go to the police afterwards when they left the mansion and told them how they almost died and one of them did die and just out the grandmother behind bars and take the rest of the money since the mother is dead. I don't know but I just didn't like this film cause I just couldn't get into it but I didn't hate the film that's one thing I can say that's good.

Bjorn O (nl) wrote: Jag har inte sett mnga ninja rullar, visst man gillar ju Shogun Assassin men det gr ju alla, men den hr sg jag p svensk rental fr inte allt fr mnga r sedan, jag knde direkt att den hr rullen passar i samma fack som Death Wish 3, Invasion U.S.A. och Cobra, ni vet mitten av 80 talet knslan och jag menar inte den hr mysiga Molly Ringwald knslan utan den av kallt jvla krig, cynism och extremt ondigt vld. Tyvrr r den versionen som jag sg i dag ven den klippt, scenerna knns kortade ( frutom de ndlsa jvla slagsmlen ha ha) om ngon rkar lsa det hr och har en oklippt s kirra en kopia till mig s bjuder jag p fika ( hnvisa mig inte till Cinemageddon)