The life of a blind photographer who is looked after by a housekeeper is disrupted by the arrival of an agreeable restaurant worker.

Black comedy about a blind man, Martin, who takes photographs as "proof" that the world really is as others describe it to him. The film explores his antagonistic relationships with Celia, who cleans and cooks for him and habitually rearranges the furniture in the house, and with Andy, a mate he thinks he can trust. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Graeme M (fr) wrote: Very disappointing. Badgley`s cover of ``Once I was`` is fantastic and his mannerisms and looks are in perfect symmetry with Buckley's. But, the film itself meander's along through uninteresting dialogue, which gives no insight into his life that anyone who has ever been on wikipedia for 5 minutes doesn't already know.

John B (us) wrote: Pretty poor. The only saving grace is the excellent Erica Durance.

Justin K (us) wrote: An action packed, sometimes humorous, neo-noir film that is actually quite entertaining and fun to watch. I only wish they would make a sequel soon. After and ending like that - expecially will the words To Be Continued at the end - they have to.

David D (ag) wrote: Takes forever to get to the finale but when it does...

Tatsuhito K (gb) wrote: To enjoy "Scary Movie", you have to be somewhat familiar with common horror traits and some iconic horror films. This is a really, really dumb movie, but I have to say some of the jokes did make me laugh out loud. It is an enjoyable spoof film.

Nstor G (fr) wrote: The magic is mixed well with Mexican cuisine and offers a memorable love story. Beautiful jewel of Mexican cinema.

Pablo F (au) wrote: BEST. COMEDY. EVER.The slapstick is awesome, the first scene with O.J Simpson is EPIC.Leslie Nielsen at his finest in comedy.Good cast, Ricardo Montalban is very good playing the serious bad guy.The plot is good and sound.

Gavin P (es) wrote: One of Hitchcock's best films - and funniest! Simple premise: two strangers - Guy Haines (Granger, a tennis player) and Bruno Anthony (Walker, rich playboy who looks like Bill Murray!) - meet on a train, where Bruno proposes to solve their issues (unfaithful wife & tight-arse dad, respectively) by each murdering the other's "problem", there'll be no motive. Guy laughs it off, but Bruno's a bit nuts and goes through with it. From there, it's all cat and mouse as Guy tries to prove his innocence. Plenty of humorous moments, as it's not done too seriously, and a great finale.

Tyler S (fr) wrote: Really not that terrible of a film. The dancing sequences, the women, and the setting is pretty cool. The father daughter relationship on display is pretty effective and heartfelt which does add a layer of sensitivity that anyone with a heart can relate to. However, all that being said, there isn't a lot of substance on top of that. It is kind of a jumbled mess when it comes to the plot. It didn't make a lot of sense overall. It seemed like the only selling point they had was women dancing on top of a bar. Some decent scenes, but an awful plot prevents this movie from being anything above average.

Roy B (br) wrote: My least favorite of Hitchcock's films I've seen and I think the script is to blame. The script for Marnie had 3 different writers, underwent a lot of changes, and Jay Presson Allen's final product is ultimately pretty weak. Since the conflicts in Marnie are primarily psychological and most of the plot is developed through dialogue, the quality of the script in this film was extremely important. As great as the performances of Sean Connery, Tippi Hedren, and Louise Latham are in Marnie, they unfortunately could not make up for this issue. Even Hitchcock's familiar Freudian themes, which are usually handled with subtlety and care under the surface of an intriguing story, are instead thrown in the audience's face over and over throughout this film, never having the same emotional impact as they do in works such as Psycho or Vertigo. However, Marnie is still a film directed by Alfred Hitchcock so there are some really memorable cinematic sequences but all in all I was generally underwhelmed and disappointed with it.

Mickey N (au) wrote: Terribly written and unfunny