Catherine is a woman in her late twenties who is strongly devoted to her father, Robert, a brilliant and well-known mathematician whose grip on reality is beginning to slip away. As Robert descends into madness, Catherine begins to wonder if she may have inherited her father’s mental illness along with his mathematical genius. When Robert’s work reveals a mathematical proof of potentially historic proportions, it sets off shock waves in more ways than one.

The daughter of a brilliant but mentally disturbed mathematician (recently deceased) tries to come to grips with her possible inheritance: his insanity. Complicating matters are one of her father's ex-students who wants to search through his papers and her estranged sister who shows up to help settle his affairs. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jordan H (nl) wrote: this movie made me laugh and i made my mom watch it when i got home and she said it was stupid

Jussi M (au) wrote: Hong Kongista tulee yllttvn usein suhteellisen nihilist kamaa...

Wave C (gb) wrote: its mean well but the storyline seem little weird and unfunny

Oda N (de) wrote: i know what youre thinkin "how can a dog play baseball" just like shakespeare air bud 4 will require suspension of disbelief. Ok now about KJ Proulx's review about this being "over the top", what exactly is over the top???????? that dude is just being an asshole

Paul H (us) wrote: One of the best documentaries I've ever seen. The kids are so well spoken about a conflict that most of the world just doesn't understand. You can see that peace is possible, but you can also see a culture that supports the perpetuation of the conflict. Don't miss the DVD extras - there's almost a whole new movie on there. Help spread the word about this film -- it was nominated for an Oscar but I'd never even heard of it until I noticed the stellar reviews on this and other sites.

Jessica H (us) wrote: Far from reality, but not without a few laughs.

Robert R (nl) wrote: While it is competently directed and acted, "Stranger Than Paradise" ultimately suffers heavily from an unbelievably slow-paced and insignificant story, a breadth of unfunny gags, and an unfathomably thick layer of pretension.

Private U (us) wrote: Partial biography of Marjorie Rawlings, how she came about "The Yearling", "Jacob's Ladder", and "Cross Creek".

Allan C (es) wrote: This film really does still hold up, despite being riddled with endless 80s action film cliches, telling story of Vietnam Vet, Roy Schneider, who's now an LAPD helicopter pilot being tapped to try out a new high tech, anti-terrorist helicopter. Government conspiracies then emerge and Schneider and his co-pilot, Daniel Stern, look to expose it. Written by solid genre screenwriters Dan O'Bannon ("Alien," "Total Recal") and Don Jakoby ("Lifeforce," "Arachnophobia"), with some script doctoring by Hollywood stalwart Dean Riesner ("Dirty Harry," "Coogan's Bluff," "Starman"), the techno-thriller action story was much more original when it first came out, but it's one now that's been endlessly imitated and now feels pretty stale (i.e. "Firefox," "Night Rider," or whatever super motorcycle movie you can think of). However, "Blue Thunder" overcomes this by sheer quality of cast and production. I'd forgotten what a strong actor Roy Scheider was. He's terrific in the lead, as is Warren Oates, in his last film appearance, in what otherwise would seem to be a cliched showing captain role, but he manages to make the character interesting and manages to steal every scene he's in. You also have Candy Clark as Scheider's wife, Daniel Stern as his co-pilot, Malcolm McDowell as Scheider's helicopter pilot rival and character actors James Murtaugh, Joe Santos and James Read. Directed by John Badham, ("Wargames," "Saturday Night Fever," "The Hard Way") who I'd always though was an underrated director, make the action exciting and give the film a slick look. Director of photography John A. Alonzo also gets credit for the film's sick look, particularly the nighttime scenes. And although the filmscore isn't a classic, the 80s style synthesizer score by Arthur B. Rubinstein is pretty fun too and adds a nice nostalgia factor (along with Scheider's Trans Am and prominently feature digital watch). Corny, but pretty fun stuff here.

Buddy K (ag) wrote: Very good short film that would have been another one of Bunuel's surreal classics if the funding hadn't ran out before it could be completed at feature length as intended. Silvia Pinal is delightful as Satan and Claudio Brook pulls off the dead pan delivery needed for Simon. The final scene is jarring and hilarious. Worth a look for those looking to get into Bunuel.

Naomi G (ag) wrote: It's interesting that Brannigan was released back to back with McQ; the movies are practically identical and must have been filmed at the same time. Basically Brannigan is Wayne's Dirty Harry, the difference being that Brannigan is an Irish cop from Chicago, not San Fransisco. Big difference? Brannigan's Dirty Harryish ignorance of the US constitution is excused by his activities taking place in London England. While in the US he is Dr. Jekyl, once he arrives in England, he turns into Mr. Hyde. In Brannigan, Wayne produces one of his best performances. Wayne is paradoxically one of the earliest pioneers of method acting and undoubtably Stanislavesky was primarily inspired by Wayne, although if he were alive, Stanislavesky would be ashamed to admit it.Brannigan is actually a pretty good movie, and if you like a slightly, very slightly, more liberal version of Dirty Harry, you might like Brannigan.