A Savage beast, grown to monstrous size and driven mad by toxic wastes that are poisoning the waters, spreads terror and death on a Maine countryside.

A log company's waste mutates the environment, creating a giant killer bear-monster. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Emmanuel F (ru) wrote: Court (heureusement), le film a une petite touche de folie apprciable, est bien servi par son casting mais peine un peu dcoller. Il est dlicieusement burlesque mais trop sur la retenue, il pourrait se montrer encore plus surprenant et un peu moins convenu. Un bon moment malgr tout.

Shane J (ca) wrote: wwe films just give up,what was this supposed to be? a comedy,nothing funny happens,action film? no action? it just confused me. edge is a charismatic guy he could have easily pulled off a decent comedy action film but not this trash. It just looks so cheap,like a tv movie of the week.wwe films buy better scripts or hire better writers because its no wonder your film division is sinking money with stuff like this being put out.

Cassaundra J (es) wrote: This is one of the best fighting movies I've seen Michael Jai White is absolutely amazing!!

Tom H (fr) wrote: Reason number three why I don't fly.

Caitlin L (it) wrote: loved this movie growing up

Steve A (gb) wrote: The brilliance of Herzog's approach is in how the film transforms over time from looking almost like a History Channel recreation to a cinematic spectacle as Aguirre's grip on reality loosens.

Jarrin R (it) wrote: This is a fantastic movie with a killer cast. A Spike Lee joint that is sure to satisfy, you are hooked from the beginning to the end. Pay attention to details as even the smallest conversation is important.

Dena R (mx) wrote: Pretty darn awful.Didn't know what it was going in...