Pros and Ex-Cons

Pros and Ex-Cons

In this shoot-'em-up from Down Under, two ex-con assassins take down the wrong target and all hell ensues. With their covers about to be blown -- and their target alive and kicking -- the guys need to make things right fast or more heads will roll.

After completing their job, two ex-cons, are quickly informed that they have assassinated the wrong individual. With the stakes high they must quickly correct their mistake before covers are blown and innocent lives are lost. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Victor M (kr) wrote: Cuanto hace que no vea una pelcula cubana, Desde "Fresa y Chocolate" y "Guantanamera" creo. Ver "Conducta" fue un agradable reencuentro. La historia por s no poda ser ms interesante y motivadora, la de esta profesora, Carmela, con la autntica vocacin de educadora, de maestra, que no solo cumple con dictar un clase sino ve ms all en la realidad de sus alumnos, de sus familias y que no se rinde, ni recurre al fcil expediente de decir que los alumnos son "malos" y que se enfrenta a funcionarios burocrticos que se cien a normas y procedimientos para ocultar su ineptitud.

Zack F (au) wrote: These Amazing Shadows never reveals much of anything new or vastly important and it jumps topics without much logical order, but it works greatly as love letter to film. The heartfelt interviews and clips make you feel the nostalgic love for cinema and its history.

Kevin M (ru) wrote: Me entretuvo pero eso no la hace una buena pelcula porque definitivamente no lo es, tiene personajes estereotipados, una historia que es tanto irrealista como clich y un final muy esperado. Tampoco cumple con lo que promete ya que es una pelcula con un deficiente diseo de vestuario y no incluye buena ropa de marca ni de calidad (a diferencia de El Diablo Viste a la Moda, donde tal vez la historia no era la mejor pero el diseo de vestuario s era verdaderamente hermoso). Una lstima ya que en verdad me gusta Isla Fischer.

Fernando C (kr) wrote: one of the most powerful Disney Movies!!!

Missy M (au) wrote: kinda stupid but also funny

Nicholas W (au) wrote: I loved this movie but yes, it was dark.

Aj V (kr) wrote: The plot is too simple, and we don't get to know enough about the characters, but it does have a bit of suspense. It's okay, not good, but not too horrible.

Kevin N (fr) wrote: Though it has some fascinating themes, most of this film is visually dull.

Charles P (au) wrote: John Wayne fans will delight this rip-roarin' shoot-em-out Western.

Jimmy L (de) wrote: It's been a while since Tokyo story was viewed. Floating Weeds follows the lives of a traveling performers. The frequent use of the color "red " by Ozu in this film is an attempt to bring out the liveliness of the characters as they are dull in the beginning, but as histories unravel, the color becomes more and more frequent. Ozu's visual mastermind is unreal in this film as it combines many elements of the screwball comedies with spectator involvement as POV shots dominate his frame.

Rachel L (br) wrote: this is not the queen bee i mean: my queen bee is made by my lovely friend fergus. but this sounds kinds ok i guess, i'd probably not complain too much if you forced me to watch it

Rachel B (fr) wrote: Fun characters and killer musical numbers? Oh, and Ginger Rogers singing in pig Latin?! Sold!

Kim L (br) wrote: If you are a woman, who has breast cancer or a woman whose female siblings and it goes back generations of woman with breast cancer. Watch this, please. It is amazing. Let's just say, we all want to know how and why we got or have cancer. This gives you the beginning of your own story. But, the story is linked to all women who deal, survive, and live on after breast cancer and for those who have passed on. I am telling you, watch this. It ripped my heart out. And guess what? The geneticist that found the BRCA1 and BRCA2, genes that will help prevent so much breast cancer, was a woman, no one believed could do it. She did it. It took time. But watch this movie with a bunch of your friends and you will know, why I am so excited ,for any woman to see this. Amazing. And heart wrenching at the same time and a few laughs... But please! Watch this movie

Dave J (ca) wrote: Thursday, July 12, 2012 (1996) Fly Away Home FAMILY/ ADVENTURE Inspired on actual incidents about how a father and daughter lead a bunch of flying geese from Canada to the warm climate south of the United States. Starring a young Anna Paquin as the daughter and Jeff Bridges playing the father. Very inspiring since it doesn't showcase too much negative rhetoric. 3.5 out of 4