Prostaya istoriya

Prostaya istoriya


The war was over. Like many of her female friends, Sasha Potapova was left a widow. It was hard living without a man’s shoulder to lean on, without love and affection, yet no one had ever seen her crying or despairing. For her strong character, the fellow-villagers elected her a collective farm chairwoman. The work, with its cares and worries, helped all but forget about her personal misfortune and woman’s loneliness. And then she fell in love – a bittersweet, unshared love, but happy anyway… . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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David L (mx) wrote: A very American comedy that tries to push boundaries to new limits. The characters were new to me having never really watched Jackass, but it follows an old grandpa, now a widow having just lost his wife, having to babysit his grandson whilst he takes him on a road trip to drop him with his father. Along the way, they encounter several extreme situations, where gramps' desire to pull takes over his parenting duties. This is often a humour I enjoy but I feel it could have been more risqu (C), stretching the awkwardness to be on a par of that with Sacha Baron Cohen's characters; Bruno & Borat. There was a lot of slapstick rudeness such as penis' stuck in a vending machine, low hanging balls falling out when dancing, and projectile faeces when farting, but after a while this becomes consistently juvenile, and it would be more watchable creating humour from interaction with other characters. The best bits are when his behaviour gets a reaction from onlookers and we respect his bravery and ability to keep a straight face. There are not a lot of stand out moments, but it gets you smiling throughout, if not writhing in fits of laughter. Yes, I'd happily watch a sequel, but it really would need an injection of fresh material, and something original that would appeal to British viewers as well as the American audience that I sense this was predominantly targeted at.

WS W (de) wrote: I like its quirky, Frenchie style, but it's real bizarre on the other hand.

Stephen M (de) wrote: What a crock of shite! The acting and plot was so bad i thought it was a comedy, not a british movie trying to get a serious point across.

Alex D (ag) wrote: I should mention that I rarely give a 0% to a movie. I do that when I REALLY hate the movie I'm reviewing. I hate this movie. But not enough to give it a 0% rating. But I'm close! The Devil had nothing to contribute to this movie. If he was omitted, It wouldn't change anything.

scott g (es) wrote: a young women is forced to kill to save life of her love,andgoes to prison,where brutality is everywhere, a twist of fate brings her back to outside world,and vengence is on the cards, some stylish moments, swordplay and kick ass action, makes this watchable, thestory is a little week, but theres enough moments that asian cinema knows how to handle to make it watchable

Nels N (us) wrote: A great independent film on what looks like no budget. Funny, dramatic script with an original setting that doesn't resort to gimmicks or quirkiness. Excellent acting from the leads, especially Paget Brewster and Jess Weixler. Some of the supporting cast is amateurish, but they're so sparingly used that they endear themselves to you. Music could have been a little better.

Alan W (br) wrote: What I like about this is the script tries to tell a triad story (as most HK films do these days as if there is nothing else interesting about the place but I digress) but with a difference (and a few twists to go with it). And for that, I applaud their intentions and efforts. The story develops nicely and engagingly with the director's style and flair on show and would have been a 3 1/2 but let down by some serious overacting which is not uncommon in HK cinema, while on the other hand, I find the lead - who tries to be a bit subtle (or is that his way to act drunk?) and ends up looking broody and constipated. Ripe for a remake perhaps a la Infernal Affairs? Perhaps - if only I can be sure this isnt reminiscent of something else I have seen before. Hmmmm...

Ryan S (ru) wrote: The first half is solid, but it falls apart by the end, but is still pretty entertaining.

Facebook U (fr) wrote: Everyone I in this Segal, Sizemore, Hopper & Jamie Pressly

Ian O (jp) wrote: Michael Collins is my all time hero. Neeson captures my hero brilliantly. Shame about Julia Roberts being awful and the historical inaccuracies (too many to recall).

Rebecca S (br) wrote: Hallmark movies don't often feature drag queens, but To Wong Foo definitely fits some of the formulas. (I have Hallmark on the brain.) This movie is silly and predictable but there are moments of pure joy. Also, Patrick Swayzee is adorable.Not sure how I've gone so long without seeing this.

lion o (kr) wrote: good to see 10 out of 10

Eli M (fr) wrote: best JJL performace to date!

Matt G (ag) wrote: It made me want to be completely honest all the time. That's the positive. On the negative side, it is poorly acted, comes off really pretentious a majority of the time, and looks really crappy. But... It made me want to be completely honest all of the time.

Deke P (de) wrote: Want to see this now, because Nolte of Breitbard Hollywood wrote "The Mighty Robert Duvall won a long overdue Oscar for his subtle and moving turn as a washed-up alcoholic country and western singer saved by the love of a dignified woman and the grace of Jesus Christ. Screenwriter Horton Foote also took home the Oscar for his original screenplay, one of the best ever written."

Daniel M (de) wrote: Intriguing story about a genius yet delusional man. Unfortunately caught up in games of nations as pawns themselves. It is unfortunate due to the nation's disrespecting their prowess later in life. Time sometimes leads to better insightful people but apparently not so much for Bobby. What is the pinnacle of human life though? To be the absolute best at what you do for fun and then hopefully have a film made about yourself now or later after death? Or is there a better calling to live one's life by; disregarding religion and "simple" opinions?