A special agent has for 8 years been deep undercover in Asia's lucrative organized crime trade as he plays protégé to one of the key players, Banker. Nick now has but he has started to feel loyalty to his new environment, and to the money.

Special agent Nick ( ) is deep undercover in the heart of Asia's lucrative crime trade as he plays protégé to one of the key players in the game... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Christie Jones T (us) wrote: Though Philip Roth is one of my fave authors, I have not read this book. Many of the reviews compare the film with the book; this I cannot do. Another thing I cannot do is watch this film all the way through. The stuttering character, played by Dakota Fanning, is so irritating that I just had to turn the tv off. There are stuttering characters throughout the world of film, so the irritant is not inherent to that type of character. Fanning I dont think studied the basics of stuttering, and so it just comes off as false and contrived.That's it for me...just couldn't even watch it!

David U (es) wrote: (Funeral Kings was shown as part of the Rhode Island International Film Festival)The directing duo of Kevin McManus and Matthew McManus begin their debut feature with someone else's end: An in progress funeral procession. Family and friends of the newly departed grieve and sadly weep as the now deceased elderly man lays in his casket, wearing his final suit. An older priest is leading the somber occasion, quietly chanting prayers as the man's loved ones tearfully look onward; filled with both sadness and melancholy. Two twelve year old altar boys are assisting the priest with the procession, but their focus isn't on the suitably depressing event, nor the man whose precious life had just been stripped away. Rather, it is on the gigantic hanging breasts of a college aged mourner, leaning down to wipe the tears from her face. For these almost teenagers, funerals, religion, and common decency don't nearly compare to simply staring at boobies. Just from the opening alone, you know exactly what you're getting: The typical teenagers-wanna-get-laid-and-be-cool raunchy comedy, but this time, you know, with kids instead.There's an almost gimmicky lowest common denominator comedy in watching tweens swear like sailors and act like wannabe college players, and even during the beginning funeral procession, the McManus brothers' script reaches Kevin Smith levels of profanity. Dylan Hartigan, Alex Maizus, and to a lesser extent Charles Odei, are essentially written and played as three younger versions of Jay from Smith's Clerks, with the scene stealing innocent Jordan Puzzo to serve as their reluctant Silent Bob. Together the gang rob movie rental houses for porn, carelessly shoot handguns, try to go to high school parties, blow off class, smoke cigarettes, attempt to get laid, set off illegal fireworks, get back at drug dealers, and help with funerals for the free wine. They're carefree, rebellious, and some of the most unlikable protagonists I've seen in a very long time.Once the wild antics of the gang eventually get tiresome somewhere around the 30 minute mark, it quickly becomes apparent that there's no real reason for this movie to exist. The characters are sadly unfleshed out and two-dimensional, the script keeps pumping out four letter words until they've completely lost impact, and the plot is flimsy at best. The McManus brothers seem to believe that we enjoy the gimmickry of swearing kids enough that no substance is necessary, but this isn't the case at all. Maybe as a short this philosophy would've worked, but for a feature is fails miserably.If you believe Nickelodeon or the Disney Channel need to be far edgier, this movie may be for you. It has all the plot of a mediocre sitcom about about tweens, just with a lot more profanity and irritation. In fact, this very select group may be the only possible audience for the film. Simply put: It's not very good. At all.Grade: D+

Gordon H (it) wrote: Cute Kid Flick!Originally written April 15, 2011-- Captured by smugglers when he was just a hatchling, a macaw named Blu (Jesse Eisenberg) never learned to fly and loves a happily domesticated life in Minnesota with his human friend, Linda. Blu is thought to be the last of his kind, but when word comes that Jewel (Anne Hathaway), a lone female, lives in Rio de Janeiro, Blu and Linda go to meet her. Animal smugglers kidnap Blu and Jewel, but the pair soon escape and begin a perilous adventure back to freedom -- and Linda.Let's face it. Kids movies---specifically animated kids movies---are extremely successful and profitable right now. Pixar OWNS the title of Most Profitable Animation Studio. No other animated studio has come close to churning out hit after hit like Pixar. So naturally, all other animation houses are trying to copy Pixar's success. This film represents one of the better attempts. A cute kid flick, "Rio" tells the story of a domesticated macaw's return to the popular Brazilian city and its surrounding rainforest. It's a fun film, full of characters and situations that kids are sure to fall in love with. Four out of five stars.

Lori F (au) wrote: An interesting movie with quite a few twists and turns. The ending wasn't what I thought it would be, but it was a good ending. Jude Law and always Martin Freeman gave great performances

Greg W (us) wrote: good WWII pic post yes way post WWII

Private U (fr) wrote: Great fun family movie - had some kinks but overall a great mix of action, friendship, and fun.

Gregory W (it) wrote: & good chemistry between the leadsgreat rom-com that gets it right good story

Tony M (fr) wrote: Potentially influencing #Darkcity and #TheMatrix, Mindwarp will transport you to an alternate reality in the post-apocalyptic future. Picture an amalgamation of the #Wachowski's classic with #MadMax having the television production values of #Firefly and #StarTrekDeepSpaceNine and you'll get Mindwarp. This film turned out to be much better than expected and comes recommended.3/5

Paul Z (au) wrote: J.J. Abrams' potentially banal Lifetime-esque script is made genuinely moving by remarkably likeable performances by Ford and Bening and sober, subdued direction by Nichols.

Lynda M (ca) wrote: Verhoeven's most known and dramatic film. As a love story, it test the boundaries of what the viewer can handle in that sense, it is made for widely experieced and mature audiences.

Tom H (ru) wrote: a good movie with great acting and decent dialog, but the plot seems too simple. i just expect more from Peckinpah. but in his defense the studio changed some things that made Peckinpah disown the whole feature.

Cris B (it) wrote: Morocco is a sparking, unpretentious love-story showcasing Vaudeville star Amy Jolly (Marlene Dietrich in her American film debut) and Legionnaire Tom Brown (a dashing, young Gary Cooper), who flirt with fans one hot summer night. Adolphe Mejou plays the "third wheel" character, whom you can't help but feel sorry for. I'm absolutely mesmerized every time I watch the final scenes (in all their wind-blowing, quiet glory) of the film. The implications give Casablanca and its notoriety as a love story a run for its money.

Sean P (mx) wrote: It is a classic from my childhood. The story is pretty basic and I'd call it starter Sci-Fi (flying saucer, talking AI, some minor aliens, and time travel). Still as a children's movie it is pretty good. SJP has a bit part and it even has the guy from WKRP..

Benot R (us) wrote: La guerre de Core est un sujet trs peu abord au cinma. Mann le fait et il le fait bien. En 1H30, tout ce qu'un soldat peut vivre sera montr. La guerre est galement un monde sans piti dont le metteur en scne ne laisse aucune ambigut. Les humanistes ou les rveurs meurent. Le noir sentant une fleur en relchant la garde meurt. Le soldat qui dort meurt. L'humaniste se plie au guerrier. Toute humanit disparat. La peur transparat travers les visages. Mann utilise normment de gros plans, renforant un sentiment d'oppression mais galement de celui de ne jamais tre seul et tout le temps observ. Le seul dfaut est que Mann annonce trop clairement ce qui va se passer par la suite. A savoir quels soldats vont mourir, etc. Ca ne sert en rien le film, qui se montre trop classique, manquant de rebondissement.

Ron C (jp) wrote: Wacky fun with some heart if but a bit overstated at times near the end.