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Protéger & servir

Kim Houang and Michel Boudriau are two cops "to life to death" since they met at the orphanage. They are not the best cops in France, nor the Parisian region, nor their police station - and...

Kim Houang et Michel Boudriau sont deux flics "à la vie à la mort" depuis qu'ils se sont croisés à l'orphelinat.Ce ne sont pas les meilleurs flics de France, ni de la région parisienne, ni de leur commissariat... et pourtant ce sont eux qui, sous les ordres d'Aude Lettelier, directeur de la police nationale, sont chargés de déjouer une vague d'attentats qui touche notre beau pays. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Teresa S (fr) wrote: (2006 Director: Chuck Bowman)

Bee W (mx) wrote: Poetic. The movie that made Vietnam a place in my dream (though it's now shattered T_T)

Annelies S (nl) wrote: The truth about the real world I guess. In this movie we see a female judge fighting for justice. She hopes to get the big boss and his helpers of a certain company behind bars. I had expected this film to be a little more violent though.

Stefan G (es) wrote: Rumble in the Bronx is a quintessential Jackie Chan film in every sense of the word, mainly because it's one of those movies where acting and story aren't really important, which should ideally leave you with more room to enjoy the action. Of course, the plot isn't that original, and the acting leaves much to be desired, but the characters are still entertaining and colourful, even if some of the minor characters can sometimes come off as stereotypical. It's actually good that the film doesn't really have a serious tone, otherwise it would fail horrendously. This is meant to be a comedic action film, and at least it succeeds in the comedy department, even if it's not always by intention. However, Jackie Chan films are about action, and this is where the film really shines, because the fight scenes are so good, it makes up for all the film's flaws, including the low production values.

Jeff B (es) wrote: It started out a bit hokey but ended up being quite cute. I love movies that tell a story from opposing perspectives.

Ryan D (au) wrote: Bio-pic loosely based on Richard Pryor's life. Lots of funny parts.

Patrick D (nl) wrote: It starts off promising and interesting. However the middle drags a bit being your simple crime-melodrama with a supernatural twists, which actually sounds pretty cool. BUT the last 15 minutes really pays off with strange B-movie monster goodness.

Filippo V (ca) wrote: A parte qualche risata in poche scene che funzionano, da questo demenziale film sempre sopra le righe non traspira nient'altro di interessante. Il resto stato coerente con il genere: per qualche risata con gli amici potrebbe andare pi che bene ma ben lontano dall'essere una bella commedia che pu essere ricordata negli anni.

Jools A (fr) wrote: Really looking forward to the remake (in English) of The Secret In Their Eyes (El Secreto de Sus Ojos), an Argentine crime thriller which won 2010 Academy Award for best foreign language film. Not only will the remake be helmed by Billy Ray, director of The Hunger Games, Shattered Glass and Captain Phillips, its cast with Julia Roberts, Nicole Kidman and 12 Years A Slave's Chiwetel Ejiofor is enough to keep us anticipating.Now, back to the original film directed & produced by Juan Jos Campanella. It made quite a surprising win at the Oscars, besting two more-buzzed-about films, The White Ribbon and A Prophet. However after watching the Argentine-Spanish jointly produced film which stars Ricardo Darn and Soledad Villamil, most (including myself) would agree that it is definitely not a film we can push aside.The film tells the story of a legal investigator at the criminal court, Benjamin Espsito (Darin)'s obsessive attempt to crack the case of a savage rape and murder of a young woman in Buenos Aires. The story centres around Espsito's chase, and his relationships with his superior, Irene Menndez-Hastings (Villamil), his quirky partner Pablo Sandoval (Guillermo Francella) and the grieving widower of victim, Ricardo Morales (Pablo Rago). As much as it's a crime flick sufficient to keep you in suspense, it is also an engaging drama with strong emotional and moral overtones. In essence you will witness three men's yearning for their objects of desire, in varying ways, women beyond their reach. First we have Espsito, who is obviously harboring deep affections for his superior Irene, but often holds his feelings within. Then there is the crime suspect, Isidoro Gmez (Javier Godino), the victim's childhood friend who has lusted after her for years. And lastly, the victim's husband Morales, who painfully mourns for his wife. As trivial as all these may seemed, each will play a part in the build up of the plot towards an unexpected end when Espsito finally solves the case.I'm impressed. I can see why it appealed to the Academy electorate. It keeps you intrigued whilst the protagonist deciphers the clues, his self-denying relationship with Irene is also slowly flourished, and audience is treated with all the well-planned underlying themes of love and loneliness, politics and corruption, yearning and the pain in letting go. Now I'm yearning for its remake in November.