A Czech journalist joins a Prague radio station what broadcasts Nazi propaganda in order to protect his Jewish wife. However, as the Nazi rule over Czechoslovakia calls for more and more collaboration, his relationship with his wife spirals downward.

A Czech journalist joins a Prague radio station that broadcasts Nazi propaganda in order to protect his Jewish wife. However, as the Nazi rule over Czechoslovakia calls for more and more ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Matt G (gb) wrote: Has the auteuristic traits of Mills' Beginners but feels a bit clunky compared to the former. The problem is that the end catharsis doesn't really register emotionally. But it could be a facet of why so much of it is great - the characters don't make sense and are realistically contradictory. Gerwig stands out, but every main player is spot on with the emotional beats, including the young man at the story's core. Bening, however, is the reason why most will watch this, and she hits a home run.

bryan w (fr) wrote: A beautiful (and very sad) movie... Well crafted, superb acting.

Cynthia O (ca) wrote: Great Family movie with some parts that aren't appropriate for young children. Its a mixed up movie that makes you want to cry in some parts.

Moses M (mx) wrote: really good movie , super funny

kyo 9 (us) wrote: great comedy movie..having an arab custom on wedding with someone that is apprehend by the parents is kinda tricky..

Paul N (fr) wrote: If you've ever wondered where the horror auteurs of the 1970s got their ideas from, this is the documentary for you. The answers may shock you, but they WILL add further depth and resonance to an already impressive array of pictures. While it gets slightly long in the tooth toward the end, and relies a little too heavily on film professors -- you've got interviews with all these amazing filmmakers, give 'em more time! -- this is a terrific look back at a group of films and their makers that, while reviled at the time, reinvented a genre and -- through all the gore -- gave it a meaning, sadly missing from the quick-buck mentality of the horror pictures of today.

Marc L (ag) wrote: Vu qu'a la fin des annees 90, Schwarzeneger refusait de rempiler pour un nouveau "Conan", c'est un autre personnage de Robert E.Howard, Kull, qui tenta de relancer (et enterra jusqu'a l'arrivee du Seigneur des Anneaux) la mode des productions Heroic-Fantasy qui avaient sevi au cours de la decennie precedente. Contrairement a ce qu'on pouvait supposer, ce n'est pas l'aspect technique qui est a mettre a cause : il se montre meme plutot honnete pour un moyen-budget de l'epoque (plus ou moins du niveau d'une serie TV actuelle, en fait). Mais le fait est que dej a l'epoque, "Kull le conquerant" accumulait une bonne decennie de retard, avec son univers mi-peplum mi-Fantasy (inclus en bonus le sidekick amerindien pour respecter les quotas) son heros musculeux au regard de boeuf (Kevin Sorbo, le Hercule de la serie du meme nom), ses mechants qui ricanent bruyamment, sa sorciere-bombasse (Tia Carrere, qui n'avait plus peur de rien apres "Wayne's world"), ses tirades heroiques ridicules et ses vannes qui tombent a plat : Bref, un veritable ramassis de tous les cliches poussiereux de l'Heroic-Fantasy d'antan (a l'exception des gros riffs Heavy metal qui resonnent quand le heros est tres fache)...ce qui fournit une raison supplementaire de rigoler). Et c'est peut-etre la que reside l'interet principal d'un dinosaure comme "Kull le conquerant", dans cette inadequation profonde avec l'epoque ou il sortit (pour ne meme pas parler d'aujourd'hui!). Et un tel film, potable sur la forme mais completement a la ramasse sur le fond, ne peut etre percu que comme un sympathique petit nanard a savourer sans moderation au second degre !

Louise D (ca) wrote: I wasn't familiar with Crumb's work, and found most of it dated and repulsive. The interviews with Crumb and his family and friends are startlingly honest, and subtly reveal pieces of his life and behaviour in a way that made me keep changing my mind about him and his art. I was left with the thought that, though his work may be disturbing, it has enabled Robert Crumb to escape as the least troubled and troubling of his family.

Colin Z (ag) wrote: Pretty entertaining, though nowhere near as good as Blood Feast

Thrse F (br) wrote: Not interested in watching this.

Tony S (ag) wrote: It's Margaret Rutherford..nuff said brilliance

Jonathan J (de) wrote: A great, overlooked western.

Kevin C (jp) wrote: A lot more attention will be paid to this if Abrahamson walks away with an Oscar next month. This coming of age tale is where the director came of age. It's a slow-burner; indeed not a lot happens in the first 30 minutes. However it all comes to the boil and is an excellent portrayal of raw grief and guilt. A film that leaves an impression.

Will L (ca) wrote: Disney's early-20th century fantasy is as charming and whimsical as it is emotionally affecting. The dreamlike environment and catchy songs transport the audience to a unique world in which anything can happen. It's a bright, colorful yarn, but it also has it's fair share of heartfelt moments that depict the more morose side of growing up.