An intelligent android (Michael) constructed by a research team is taken outdoors and successfully passed off as human in a trial run. When the government hears of this, they order their own set of tests in Washington. When the project leader realizes the military want the android for a soldier, he can't accept it, and he and Michael go into hiding to avoid their clutches.

An intelligent android (Michael) constructed by a research team is taken outdoors and successfully passed off as human in a trial run. When the government hears of this, they order their ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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FranChester N (ag) wrote: Definitely in my top 6 movies of the year so far. Really entertaining.... A little far fetched at times, but then again that exactly what magic is.

Ryan J (ca) wrote: Single dad, coward and loser turns to doorman/guru for guidance. With a story involving gangsters and drugs it does get a bit grim but then the final 10 minutes skips all the retribution and opts for a soppy, happy go lucky ending. A tad stupid.

Kevin R (au) wrote: All it takes is faith, trust, and pixie dust.In London, during World War II, Wendy continues to tell her tales of Peter Pan and the Lost Boys to her son and daughter, Jane. Jane struggles with the events going on around her but does her best to gather resources to help her family survive. Her tough life leads her to stop believing in Peter Pan. It is just her luck Captain Hook would kidnap her leaving only one man who can save her...Peter Pan. "A good captain always goes down with his ship.""I don't want to be a good captain."Robin Budd, director of episodes of Beetlejuice, Gerald Mcboing Boing, Ruby Gloom, and Producing Parker, delivers Return to Never Land in his major motion picture debut. The storyline for this picture is a loose version of the original with a few characters switched out. The animation was a step up from Peter Pan but the character development and dialogue was a step down. The voices were provided by Harriett Owen, Blayne Weaver, Corey Burton, Jeff Bennett, and Kath Soucie."At least the crocodile had manners."My mother got this movie for my daughter so we watched it together yesterday morning. I can tell you this is nowhere near as good as the original. The story could have been better written; but unfortunately, this film kind of falls flat. My daughter enjoyed the movie, but I still wouldn't add it to my DVD collection."Call it a token of affection."Grade: C

William W (de) wrote: An awful experience. The premise would have made an interesting and possibly satisfying short film, or maybe perhaps a skit on SNL, but Goldthwait and Coleman's comedy quickly loses steam. I remember seeing this at the theatre, curious, at the age of 19, as growing up, I had enjoyed watching some of the Francis, the Talking Mule films on TV with my parents. Almost immediately I regretted the endeavor.

Stuart K (ca) wrote: Directed by Robert Mandel (School Ties (1992)), this is a very good suspense thriller that shows all the tricks of the trade when it comes to making films. It was made for a pittance, but it would become a very successful film in 1986, and would eventually spawn a sequel. It's a product of it's time, and it makes you pine for the good old days of special effects, as this film is a good showcase for them. Australian special effects man Rollie Tyler (Bryan Brown), works in America doing on screen effects for films from explosions to monster make up to blood squibs for shooting. But he gets an unusual offer from Lipton (Cliff DeYoung), a government agent working for Justice Department. Lipton wants Tyler to stage the assassination of mob informant Nicholas DeFranco (Jerry Orbach). Tyler is reluctant, but he's assured he'll be 100% protected afterwards. The staged assassination goes well, but then Lipton tries to kill Tyler but Tyler escapes and goes on the run, and Leo McCarthy (Brian Dennehy) ends up trying to work out what's happen, and Tyler has to stay one step ahead of the Justice Department. It's a very good film, and it has some good special effects too. It's got all the hallmarks of an 80's action film, but it's still enjoyable today. It's a film that would be impossible to remake, as CGI has take over from effects like the ones portrayed in the film. Plus, you hardly ever see Bryan Brown or Brian Dennehy these days, pity really as they're good actors.

Robert W (ru) wrote: A very good low-budget movie. It satirizes the attitudes people have toward others, and targets the issue of oppression through slavery, drugs, and economics. It sure was a clever device to not give dialogue to the slave, which highlighted the character's personal actions and his interactions with others.

Jack G (mx) wrote: whoever said Altman couldn't make a first-person mindfucker never saw this minor-but-intoxicating work.

Cameron F (ca) wrote: A high school teacher who used to wrestle decides to step back in the ring in order to save the school he works at.

Chance R (ag) wrote: Short vignettes with a nice twist, some Tales from the Crypt Some Twilight Zone... But still with an original execution. In today's faded carbon copies of every other film, this movie has given new air to the horror/monster genre. To all involved in this movie, thank you!