"Cindy Maranne, "Americana" from "Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling," stars in her feature film debut as a newlywed torn between love and violence when her husband is taken hostage in a failed robbery.

"Cindy Maranne, "Americana" from "Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling," stars in her feature film debut as a newlywed torn between love and violence when her husband is taken hostage in a failed robbery. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Cande P (ru) wrote: Toda la vida voy a amar este estilo de peliculas

Mark A (br) wrote: Excellent movie and an insight into Mumbai

Khaled M (it) wrote: Very well-known story line but represented with beautiful cinematography.

Sarah L (es) wrote: I would give it zero stars, but I guess I have to give it half a star to have my review show up. Boring movie, terrible acting, awful cast, stupid story. Don't waste your time.

Amy H (mx) wrote: Yes the storyline isn't new! Young adults partying at beaches and wild country and get killed and chased. But the acting in this were solid and everything flows nicely. Quite enjoyable horror. Can do with a bit more gore

Lee K (kr) wrote: Well every Christmas season I seem to stumble onto a new ( well new to me) seasonal movie. Last year being Michael Keaton's Jack Frost. Surfing down the satellite menu at all the Christmas movies to watch the kids stopped me at this one. Let me begin this review by saying major cheese! OK i know its a nicey nicey family type movie about blitzan the reindeer's daughter however c'mon ??? A little too corny for my liking however my kids did enjoy it. I would say a perfect movie if you have daughters under the age of 12 who love figure skating present. Bonus's here was watching Kevin Pollack pull off the role of the miserable tattle tale elf and Whoopi Goldberg voicing Blizzard's voice. Like i said a very nice family movie if you are The Cleavers or the Dudley Do rights but a little too nicey nicey for me.

Doug J (gb) wrote: One of my favorite bad movies of all time.

Sowmya A (es) wrote: The only movie in which Julia Roberts looked hot!

Private U (ag) wrote: I saw this movie early morning on comedy central. Typical bad mid 90's movie. Not really any funny parts and horrible acting all around. Avoid this one like that ugly ex girlfriend who keeps calling you back because you got drunk and actually had sex with her for some unknown reason.

bill s (fr) wrote: Well,this movie parodies itself although I do not think that's what the film makers intended.

Masorad (ru) wrote: There was a brief time, in the late 80s, when monologists fit the alternative bill (Bogosian, Laurie Anderson) and kudos to Demme for using his short-lived clout to bring Gray to the Landmark audience. Spalding (with hindsight) is a tragic figure, but here his recollections and anecdotal acumen hit some revelatory highs, he's the faux-innocent abroad,a self-contained reimagined Twain edifying and entertaining, the devastating truth couched alongside jokes about Thai twats.

Andr D (kr) wrote: Pelicula surrealista dada por perdida por mas de 30 anos. Fando y Lis son una pareja en busca de la utopica ciudad de Tar. Muchas imagenes impactantes en esta cinta heredera de Luis Bunuel, Jean Cocteau y Federico Fellini.

William H (fr) wrote: This one took me by surprise. Instantly my favourite Rosselini, it might not be as raw as his earlier movies but the scenario is just so good and the charismatic Vittoria De Sica shows that he is just as talented in acting as in directing. Loved every second of it!

Mara B (us) wrote: Suspenseful, despite the rubber suited monster, and somewhat enjoyable. Suspend your disbelief and have fun.

Sebastian M (br) wrote: Muy bella y, a la vez triste y brutal. Una muy buena muestra de cine asiatico.

Matthew B (mx) wrote: What the hell did I just watch?.