• Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1977
  • Language:Bengali
  • Reference:Imdb
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LeAnn F (de) wrote: AN ABSOLUTELY AMAZING MOVIE!! the best independent film ive ever seen. a great thriller and it keeps you guessing, great script and great acting. these people are a force to be reckoned with... watch out hollywood! i am so looking forward to more movies from them! aboslutely cannot wait till i get this movie on DVD!

Shelly W (it) wrote: the all time badiest movie ever highly recommend it

Fabio L (de) wrote: The first original screenplay of the Jack Ryan series could have been a revolution in terms of today's trends but it was all reduced to a poor film and to not-at-all original idea of USA vs Russia with a ordinary and already seen plot.Absolutely nothing in common with the original films based on the Tom Clancy's novels (neither at their level).

Carol S (ru) wrote: Funny, charming and great acting.

Heajin J (ca) wrote: The combination of its incisive writing and great performances from leading actors(excepting Jung June-ho, surprisingly) makes this picture enjoyable and thought-provoking. This film made Seol Kyung-ku one of my favourite actors.

dan h (us) wrote: derivative, rips off the Matrix fight scenes and visuals, but story lacklustre, feelings are outlawed in dystopian future, cold uncaring scenario for the viewer, hard to engage emotionally.

david s (au) wrote: By far the most underrated movie of all time. The story of the movie is inspiring in its own right and Mark and Mike, the two main characters are truly as 'normal' as can be. You genuinely find yourself rooting for Mark to make a success of his career as his passion and commitment for movie making are completely inspiring. I couldn't recommend a better movie than this modern day cult classic.

Iris F (fr) wrote: Not worth the time...

Ellis F (jp) wrote: It was really bad, but i enjoyed it.

Jason H (mx) wrote: Unfortunately Clyse stole the show.....

Bill T (kr) wrote: Arrowsmith is a biopic of the doctor who finally crushed the Plague once and for all, but not before nearly wiping out everything he has and loves.Ronald Coleman plays Arrowsmith here, and he's fine as he always seems to be. He plays the doctor from his just-out-of-college years, small town life, to his promotion to a research giant. Coleman also gets help from Helen Hayes who plays a nurse in the hospital, who, in the span of oh, 5 minutes, becomes his wife. Soon after arriving in the big city in the huge research laboratory (which, according to the set design, is right behind Dr. Caligari's) and he discovers a cure for bubonic plague! But he needs human subjects to test this out on, so he and Hayes pack everything and go to the most infected part of the world they can that is suffering from the disease, where they meet up with the wildly overacting (). But the disease is overwhelming and? well, the results are what concludes this. I am not really too sure about the ending as well. What made Arrowsmith act the way he did? The movie somewhat drags a bit in the end, when they wind up on the West Indies, and the whole black spiritual singing in ALL of the scenes does get grating after a while. All in all, this is an OK movie, but not the best of Coleman, Hayes or John Ford.

Grant H (au) wrote: Awesome movie. Frequency is an intriguing, heart-warming, suspenseful, smart, and action-packed sci-fi movie with great performances from its cast, especially Quaid and Caviziel.

Miteal C (jp) wrote: Red Lights is a languishing thriller that never takes off as such, and by no means does it have Hitchcockian suspense. Hitchcock built a suspense-tingling atmosphere brick by brick, whereas Red Lights doesn't do anything right. The movie did manage to engage me, but only mildly, and not for too long.

Kristi S (us) wrote: Actually, this movie was WAY better than the Ouija movie. There was an actual good plot twist and they did their research. Just because it was low budget, doesn't make a movie bad. If you are thinking about watching Ouija, watch this instead.

Johnson C (it) wrote: Old style fashion, fashion I know a rod of iron.

David A (mx) wrote: Not your typical western. I enjoyed it.