PS sista sommaren

PS sista sommaren

Matte and Kranken are best buddies. When they want to go on a cycling holiday in Gotland Matte decides to bring his new girlfriend Lisa with him, despite Krankens objections. Lisa turns out to be much more attractive than Kranken imagined and soon the problems begin to loom over the horizon.

Two boys and a girl spend their last summer holiday biking on an island. But the holdiay doesn't turn out to be as they expected. A movie about teenagers growing up and the problems ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kenny P (nl) wrote: Best concert DVD I've ever seen MDNA

Lisa L (ag) wrote: Very interesting and funny. Loved "Brave New World".

Steve F (nl) wrote: Strange film that goes nowhere...............

Lasse C (kr) wrote: Cute little adventure, though not as sharp as other of Peter Lord's work.

Steven L (es) wrote: A road movie, from Moscow to Koktebel, told in vignettes. It's a hard life brought on by death and alcoholism, and we see the aftermath of those events unfold. The wishful thinking of the child only proves to create more disappointment. Simply told, creatively shot and open to several interpretations.

Matthew D (it) wrote: An absolutely shit ending, but at least the rest of it wasn't so appalling that I made it there in the end. Awful English accent by the lead. I hope it wasn't genuine. An overall unlikable lead male.

Jess V (mx) wrote: The best movie I have ever seen. It changed the way I thought about everything and I still get chills today after my first viewing in 2008.

Marius P (mx) wrote: Holy crap is this bad

Art S (gb) wrote: There's a spirit of community here in the simple lives of Olmi's turn-of-the-previous-century peasants that seems totally lost today (and perhaps was already lost when the film was made in 1978). However, the hard work and hardships endured then surely required a collective orientation and some compassion (which might also be welcome today). Watching this film, you will experience a year in the lives of a few families, centered on the rhythms and routines of the earth, no real plot, just rich and detailed anecdotes, lovingly recreated. The Tree of Wooden Clogs is nearly a documentary, with no flashy camerawork and only non-professional actors who are so submerged into the context that they don't even get names (at least none that were subtitled).

Jesse R (jp) wrote: The for runner for the puppet master movies. If you enjoyed this movie, check out Dr. Cyclone (1940)

Jareth S (ca) wrote: Probably best known to modern film buffs as a big inspiration for the Death Star trench battles in Star Wars, they did a good job of ratcheting up the tension. Lucas owes this movie a big thanks.

Alec B (jp) wrote: It's so goofy but I enjoy the movie for it's outstanding choreography.

E L (it) wrote: Like the synopsis says, Downey's great, making this fluffy fantasy buoyant.

Timothy S (mx) wrote: By the time "Graduation Day" made it to theaters, all of the conceivably possible holiday horror films had already been made so it was time to start in with all of the pseudo holidays like this and "Prom Night". This is a pretty sad excuse for a slasher, as the graduation day backdrop really has little to do with anything. The plot is pretty threadbare as it is, and the killer's identity is pretty easy to figure out once you've eliminated all of the obvious choices. The gore is convincing, but it's pretty weak when you look at some of the other films from the era. Tom Savini had the bar set pretty high. The murders are pretty predictable, and the film is completely devoid of any shocks or scares. In most of these movies you can honestly say that the cast will never amount to anything and it would be true, but this one has one exception. Future "Wheel of Fortune" letter-turner Vanna White makes a ridiculous and brief appearance here as a giggly schoolgirl and potential victim. You can honestly say that you can't see a lot of talent here, but I guess what she's been doing on TV for the last twenty-five years doesn't really take a lot of talent so that is kind of irrelevant. Christopher George sure does provide a lot of laughs as the sadistic coach and prime suspect, but the rest of the film is utterly predictable and routine. Theres nothing to distinguish this from a dozen of other film's just like it, but "Graduation Day" is considered by slasher purists as something of a lost classic. For better or worse, however, nothing stays lost forever because of the magic of DVD.

Diego E (nl) wrote: Another ok translation from the book to the screen, but not as good as the original. Interesting Walken interpretation.

Ricardo Junior S (es) wrote: Free adaptation of Choderlos de Laclos' piece is a very different and even better movie than Stephen Frears' aclamed version (released one year earlier). Well paced screenplay by Jean-Claude Carriere and director Milos Forman is loyal to the characters and passion of de Laclos' originals, even if not using his exactly words or situations. One more outstanding visual achievement by Forman. Between great names like Firth and Bening, the young Fairuza Balk delivers the best performance of the movie as Cecille.