• Category:Short
  • Stars:Jan Kacer
  • Uploader:Leocuto
  • Country:Czechoslovakia
  • Director:Evald Schorm
  • Writer:Evald Schorm, Jan Sp├íta

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Psalm torrent reviews

Andy C (ru) wrote: Maybe not for the claustrophobic. Or the narcoleptic, as Herzog's soothing yet mostly pointless narration serves little purpose other than to desire a little of that which he has been smoking.

Corey W (fr) wrote: I've never been a fan of Andy Warhol or Bob Dylan, but this movie made me like them both a little bit more and the title character a lot less.

Robert S (kr) wrote: What a great film! Amazing true story of a brave Basque guy who chose to infiltrate ETA for the secret service under Franco, even though they we complete bastards and only kicked him in the guts for it. Well worth a watch - excellent gritty espionage scenes.

pitah j (ag) wrote: Hero as one of the most highly budgeted movies ,to me what got my attention is the use of music and how it shows the connection with martial arts. In the first fight scene is where we see the connection of music and martial arts in detail in the whole film we also hear how the action flows with the music.The cinematographer also used splashes of glamorous color in the film, in the fight scenes with the yellow leaves was just amazing. The fight scene on the lake was also an exceptional piece while they dodged each other's swords on air; we get to understand the art in martial arts.

Jacob B (us) wrote: The laughs in 'City Slickers' are always in the right place making for a very funny movie.

Ben R (mx) wrote: Decent enough body action movies with such an unlikely pair. Somewhat silly and goofy in parts but if you in enjoy 80's action might enjoy this.

Alexander C (gb) wrote: Could be worth a viewing, would like to see it sometime in the future.

Tom D (nl) wrote: Mixing b grade film noir, science fiction and some corny ideas, this is one of my favourite Godard films, both playful and inventive.

Art S (de) wrote: The title comes from a Walt Whitman poem about unfulfilled desires -- and Charlotte Vale (Bette Davis) has them. She's been held back (all the way into her thirties) by her domineering mother, so much so that she plays the first scenes of the movie in ugly drag (with unruly eyebrows) on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Fortunately, Charlotte's sister-in-law brings sensible psychologist Dr Jacquith (Claude Rains) into the picture and he rightly identifies, as Carl Rogers might later deduce, that internalizing her mother's expectations for her is the crux of the problem. So, he proposes that she escape away on a South American cruise - where, transformed miraculously into the Bette Davis we know, she meets and falls in love with, an unfortunately married man played by Paul Henreid. I wonder why the most emotionally stirring films are always about those impossible loves that are never to be, never fulfilled (although there are some innuendoes here about a stormy night in Rio), never ending in a life-long pairing. Is it because these possible futures remain in the land of "what might be" keeping expectations and dreams high, even when all loves that do result in relationships must crash down to reality and become an everyday, if not humdrum, thing? Thus the sad dreams continue, unchecked by life. Charlotte manages to sublimate her longing for Jerry (Henreid) into a mothering instinct, taking over guardianship of his younger daughter for whom her own mother seems to hold no interest. An unusual arrangement to be sure, and probably one that would not, could not, exist today. So, Davis takes it on the chin, as she does in so many movies, but she comes through tougher than before. With its sweeping Max Steiner score and numerous touching and portentous moments, Now, Voyager, ends up being inspiring to those who want to take control of their own lives and navigate to the points beyond where they might currently be stuck. Onward!

Tim R (mx) wrote: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets is my favorite Harry Potter movie ever!

Thomas T (nl) wrote: The Justice League starts over in a very satisfying way.

Cecily B (nl) wrote: loved this movie, seen it several times.

Jei P (us) wrote: i think he is a cousin of Chucky

Khalif B (fr) wrote: could have been better