In a city where streets are overrun by drug dealers, those who have sworn to uphold the law are breaking it to better suit their own needs. Naresh K plays a detective (Sleaze), a veteran officer whose methods of enforcing the law are questionable, if not corrupt. 'PSEUDO' follows Sleaze as he takes the law in his own hands and co-ordinates a series of raids with his gang of friends. Ethical dilemmas arise when things go wrong and friends turn on each other as a game of cat and mouse ensues

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2012
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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A detective with questionable methods enlists his group of friends to take down the drug dealers who control his city. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Pseudo torrent reviews

Michal G (nl) wrote: Un film sous forme de documentaire, assez passionnant sur un monde trs spcial, qui "est pourtant le ntre".

Brandon S (es) wrote: Imagine a horror comedy film that was a mix of the worst actors in the world were combined with and director that is obsessed with sex and has a horrible script, this is that film. Bad in every way possible, the only saving grace is that the viewer does get to watch all of these idiots die.

Jameson W (de) wrote: This was a surprising little period comedy elevated by some stellar performances from its cast. Frances McDormand is great in the title role (no surprise), but I thought it was Amy Adams that really makes the film something special. We've seen her in this sort of role before as the cute, peppy, ditsy girl, however, she really finds something in the character and by the end of the film you really feel like you've completed her journey alongside her. Lee Pace is also terrific (underrated actor imo) and has some great chemistry with Adams. The movie is predictable in some regards because you know exactly where the film is going to go, but I didn't mind having these actors take me there. Great 1930s setting. I was surprised by how much I loved the film, I fell for every bit of it.

Li B (ru) wrote: It was really slow, but entertaining.

Brad W (us) wrote: One of the strangest movies I've ever seen! Definitely give it kudos for originality. It's just good enough to stay to the end, but really no laughs to be a comedy and not serious enough to be a good drama.

Isadore H (ru) wrote: This was good, I didn't love it though, definitely quotable and funny moments sprinkled in, but I felt like this had trouble know what it was

Marco P (mx) wrote: Capolavoro - Masterpiece.

Yappy Y (fr) wrote: get to see the sleaze of S'pore, enjoy the lost sights of old S'pore, bum boats, old Bugis St etc. Nostalgic and what a way to spend the night after NDP! Happy Birthday S'pore!!!

Bryan G (gb) wrote: [font=Courier New]In a lot of ways, this film is more of a Cult Film than a Great Film. But since my first viewing back in 1994, [i]Infra-Man[/i] has gone onto becoming one of my favorite movies of all time. While some won?t see why I would consider it for this list, others may understand the films nave charm and can see its greatness. A series of natural disasters occur, and the fortress of Princess Dragon Mom (Terry Liu) surfaces from being the Earth?s surface. With her band of hideous mutants, she is planning on conquering Earth, and enslaving all humans for eternity. But a Professor at a local plant is experimenting on a man to create the ultimate weapon. What emerges from this experiment can only be explained as a strange fusion between Bruce Lee and The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Li Hsiu-Hsien plays Infra-Man, the silver and red suited hero. With his weapons ranging from razor sharp blades that can cut through anything, to boots that shoot sparks out of them, Infra-Man wages battle against Princess Dragon Mom and her horde of monsters. Even though you can spot where the actors enter the monster suits, I still like the different types of monsters this movie offers. There is The Driller Beast, who is a rock monster with tunneling equipment for hands, The Giant Beetle Monster that can grow from small to large in just seconds, The Iron Fists Robots that have slinky limbs that reach far distances and many other great creations. This movie is completely absurd and ridiculous, but there lies the films greatness. It somehow manages to combine the ludicrous with an unusual amount of entertainment. Most sci-fi films like this have a problem with being boring. I kind of want to give some credit to the Shaw Brothers Studio for making this film better than it normally would have been. To most martial arts fans, this is the studio to go to for entertaining action flicks. Each of the characters, while noticeably fake, all have a really great look to them. Everything from Infra-Man?s bug eyed suit to the skeleton-clad biker guards, everyone is just so cool to look at. And the movie makes great use out of these character designs, as well as the cool locations. I know some may still be questioning why I would put this on my Great Films list. I know this movie might not have the same power of previous entries. But like [i]Monster Squad[/i], this film has managed to transcend its cult weirdness, and became something I still enjoy watching over and over. And isn?t that all that really matters to the films we consider great? This movie is pretty much damn near impossible to find in America at the moment. You can get shoddy DVD-R releases, or try looking for an old VHS copy on eBay or something. Anyway you do it, if you really are into old martial arts movies with a slice of the weird, then [i]Infra-Man[/i] might be what you have been looking for. [/font]

Raya P (br) wrote: Loved the story, the voice acting could have been better (looking at you Steve Buscemi, what's up with your timing?)

aaron w (es) wrote: the most overrated movie of all time. the critics got it right. and this beat Pulp Fiction!!!!

Tiana J (jp) wrote: So here we are! After watching Movie 43, I never thought that things could not go any lower. But apparently, it can and it just with InAPPropriate Comedy.So, the "plot" to InAPPropriate Comedy (like Movie 43) is full of sketches that never go anywhere and progressively gets worst by the minute. For example, there is The Porno Review where Rob Schneider (who drop out of Grown Ups 2 to be in this movie) and Michelle Rodriguez who reviews pornographic films like Sushi Mama and Sperm Lake (which is a homosexual parody of Swan Lake. And Blackass (which is a parody of Jackass) where five black guys go out and cause trouble by doing black people stuff. And most of all, there is The Amazing Racist where Ari Shaffir and his cameraman go around the town showcasing extremely racist and the most offensive stereotypes imaginable (or maybe ever). There other sketches like Dirty Harry (played by Academy Award-winner Adrien Brody. Just why?) is just full of repertoire of double entendres. And Above the Gate where Lindsay Lohan stands above an air vent where a man Vince Offer watches from underneath. And bunch of other sketches that I refuse to talk about like Psychology World and Things You'll Never See.Well, that is the movie folks. After watching a rancid, soul-draining eighty-four minutes of this utter nonsense, I thought Movie 43 is the worst film I have ever witness. Turned out, I was dead wrong. I consider this worse than Movie 43.With the most offensive, sexist, and homophobic jokes and stereotypes ever, I never thought comedy can go so low in my life. Don't get me wrong, I do not those things but when it go too far, it has to stop. I will be so surprise if I see a film that is so much worse than InAPPropriate Comedy.People, if want to watch a comedy crude yet funny, do not watch this film. It is crude not in a good way. There are better comedies that you could be watching.