A young woman with a troubled past takes a job at recently closed down hospital. Working the night shift alone she begins to experience a series of unsettling events that lead her to believe that the hospital may be connected to a number of recent murders in the area. To uncover the truth she will have to revisit the past behind the walls of Psych:9.

Working alone at night in a recently closed hospital, an unstable woman witnesses events that may be connected to a string of murders. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Psych:9 torrent reviews

Harry S (gb) wrote: This Is Such An Awkward Film When I Started Watching It And From The Title It Is Meant To Seem Like That. This Is A Solid Film I Enjoyed Every Minute Of It. It Was Something Different Which Made It Entertaining And Less Like All The Other Chick Flick Films.

Remi L (br) wrote: I only watched it because Kal Penn and Donald Faison were in it. I went in expecting stupidity and my expectations were met, lol

Ante P (ru) wrote: One of the better romantic comedies. Milla Jovovich gives her best performance here. Highly recommended.

Nicolas B (au) wrote: Good history lesson, but overly dramatised.

Matthew W (nl) wrote: Jason Patric delivers

Christopher L (ru) wrote: Like most of the best action films, "Point Break" is utterly ridiculous and completely entertaining.

Lee M (au) wrote: The story is told with power and high drama, however, and the love that grows between Lalu and Charlie, like all loves that smoulder for a long time, becomes a great passion. And Rosalind Chao's performance is a wonder - the sort that, in a conventional Hollywood epic, would inspire Oscar speculation.

Dave S (it) wrote: Blows the "Fabulous Stains" right out of the water. We've seen this basic story before - musicians pursue fame, sell out, fall out - but the details here really separate this from the pack. Fantastic music and performance from Hazel O'Connor, first and foremost - she has such conviction whether she's dressed like an extra from "Tron" and singing about robots and 1984 or shrieking social awareness anthems at a crowd of rioting neo-nazis. All the 1980 post-punk period details are stellar as well.

vincent g (us) wrote: An entertaning western, the first of the calvary trilogy... john wayne,henry fonda,shirley temple...a brilliant cast.

Duncan C (kr) wrote: Don't know why this one slipped through the cracks because this 'Payback in Mexico' tale is a brisk and entertaining reminder of why ol' Mad Mel is a movie star in the first place.

Blae T (de) wrote: I love everything about this move!