Psycho II

Psycho II

Years of treatment at a mental institution for the criminally insane, Norman Bates still can't quite elude the demands of "Mother." Vera Miles also returns as the inquisitive woman who is haunted by her sister's brutal murder and the ominous motel where it all occurred.

After spending 22 years of taking psychiatric care because of his crimes, Norman Bates is released despite of rejection from his victims. He desires a whole fresh life and struggles to join the mainstream society. However, he is now constants bothered by phone calls and letters from his dead mother. Is his psychosis renew itself, or are his old enemies are trying to bring him back to his past crime? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mayank F (ru) wrote: doesnt live up to the hype......doesnt even start. jISM 2 is a badly crafted thriller that relies on the boldness of the sexy nd beautiful Sunny Leone but mahesh bhatt is to understand that there's more to a script than boldness written all over it. the dialogues r a bit to slacky to look real, sunny has completely used her body to light up the film while she acts like a rookie or shud i say: a 2 year old, randeep hooda is just as amateur as every other character, arunoday doesnt help too. the story is bad, the characters are not at all defined nd the suspense is predictable. don't waste ur money on jism 2........just go nd download d sunny leone porn for free!!!!!

Greg R (kr) wrote: My major problem with this movie is that it did give you answers that the book and the original animated short did not do, it didn't give answers, but gave the audience of sign of hope that something for the better will work I know you have to make changes when making a feature length film, but the spirit of the book I think could be stronger with a longer running time.

Henriette O (mx) wrote: Weird and stupid... but the freaks are funny, I have to give them that!:D

Mattias L (kr) wrote: Ett hus med vidppna drrar och fnster sprngs i bitar av en gaslcka. Tv skadade poliser springer ikapp en bil i hg fart. Nr massmrdaren slutligen fr vad han frtjnar s yppar han "You can't do this to me". D vet man inte om man skall skratta eller grta lngre.

Raymond N (jp) wrote: A great introduction to this high speed octane sport. Maybe the video and audio quality could be better? Then again, this is a documentary and not an IMAX flick.

James G (nl) wrote: good film for a low budget movie

Peter M (ru) wrote: poor telling of the christopher columbus story.

David B (br) wrote: impossible de juger ce films sans faire des recherches sur le contexte historique et artistique de ce film. A premiere vue : une veritable masturbation intellectuelle. J'espere me tromper

Wahida K (it) wrote: Each to their own. I really wouldn`t recommend it.

Joe J (it) wrote: There are moments when this feels like television and others when it is on the verge of Bergman's greatest work. Despite the uneven nature, Saraband remains essential viewing, but only after reviewing Scenes From a Marriage. Ullmann was underused and Josephson's usual stark presence seemed diminished, but there are few screen pairs that have their power. A solid final act in a brilliant career.

Rike F (ca) wrote: loved this as a kid! I would like to see it again.

Mohammad Z (nl) wrote: I only saw this bc Fareed made us lol good times

Charles P (au) wrote: Straw Dogs is ultimately an offensive film because it is a two-faced film. It beats us over the head with a depiction of ethical barbarity, while being completely devoted to the gratuity of violence.