Psycho Ward

Psycho Ward

A group of urban researchers set about exploring an abandoned psychiatric hospital with a terrible history, but are they prepared for the horrifying, possibly supernatural secrets hidden within its crumbling walls? No sooner do they get there than the would-be explorers begin to vanish mysteriously, and soon they must band together and use their wits, knowledge and resourcefulness to survive the terror of the Pyscho Ward.

While on a research outing, a group of urban explorers get more than they bargained for when the visit the site of an abandoned mental hospital and discover it's hiding a terrifying secret.... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Evan B (ru) wrote: There are a few good moments of terror and suspense, but there are also parts that seem a little silly and it all takes a while to really get going.

Rangan R (gb) wrote: The Dutch's submission for 2014 Oscars and it did not find a place in the final five. This Dutch movie got good critical response and mixed from the moviegoer. A strange narration and excellent characters display by the cast make the movie very interesting. A similar movie to the recent ones 'Upstream Color' and 'Enemy'. A movie for grown ups and a hard concept to crack it down. A slightly disturbing which leaves lots of questions behind than answering it. You should choose carefully this movie to watch. If you know what this movie is all about then there won't be an issue when you begin to watch it. This is not your regular entertainer, it is what people sometimes call an art movie. You need to be a little smarter in order to understand the movie with presentation like this. Because the movie won't conclude by saying its purpose, instead you should yourself decode it otherwise you will miss something hidden within and blame for the wasting time. This is the story of a mystery man Camiel Borgman and his gang who finds a place in a rich family house. Slowly conquer whole family by possessing and corrupting their minds. The gang is aware of what they are doing and what should be done like some secret mission of the secret organization. So how far it takes to accomplish and what are all methods used is the story that unfolds.''I am scared. It appeared suddenly.I've been marked'' Other movies leave pretty wide clues of what it was dealing, but this one it is a tough to make a guess. What I got was the good versus the evil theme. What if the negative forces like ghosts and demons are not scarier ones like we have believed, but lives among us as one possessing and terrorizing the human. The opening scene was fairly convinced me to believe this way when a bunch of priest tried to hunt down the evils by digging their graves out. So they left no choice, but leave the place behind and find a new home to save themselves and their kind. That is how Camiel Borgman make to a rich house. Entering into their minds, psychologically affecting the characters and bringing chaos to fight each others. Yeah, it won't look like any horror movie with scary pictures and sudden loud noises, but everything was told in a realistic manner. You would also find a werewolf kind of concept as well. Characters turning into a slimy dog (don't expect the computer graphical tricks because there is none) which won't exactly explains, but I assumed that way. Usually demons need an invitation, a scene in the movie explains it when a bunch of them try to enter the house as a gardener, but denied until Camiel Borgman makes it. I am not made for a movie like this, but sometimes I enjoy them and this movie looked better than what I had in my mind about it. Expected a little better in a few areas and wanted to like it. Still, I was not fully convinced, but somehow managed to like the movie.

Wayne M (it) wrote: Strange but predictable. Weird but compelling. A very British horror movie that was better than it should really have been.

Buggy B (kr) wrote: This was a decent enough cop revenge thriller with an old-school 90's vibe to it and extreme bursts of violence that made me jump and say things like "holy shit!" Mel plays a Boston homicide detective and is essentially angry-cop-dad for the entire movie, showing only one emotion (grumpy) in a very Harrison Ford sort of way. He is kinda justified I guess after his daughter gets (violently) blown away right beside him. Initially it's believed that 'Thomas' was the intended target but as he probes into her life he discovers she was hiding some secrets and in big trouble. The plot is pretty good, a little vague in places. I liked it when Mel's character crossed the line and no longer cared about the consequences and how he talked to his daughter's ghost throughout. Good ending too. 6/28/14

David M (gb) wrote: A funny monster movie!

TheRantingAnchor R (es) wrote: Excellent. Some aspects haven't aged as well, but otherwise excellent.

Danny M (br) wrote: Ah the is alright. Some funny moments but it was an easy watch which everyone can relate to!

Simon M (it) wrote: Weird and at times deliberately obtuse, but ultimately able to convey a surprising weight of emotion through an ultimately uplifting narrative.