A dormant volcano deep with the Turkish forest holds within it a deadly secret. Perfectly preserved, a nest of pterodactyl eggs are ready to hatch...

A dormant volcano deep with the Turkish forest holds within it a deadly secret. Perfectly preserved, a nest of pterodactyl eggs are ready to hatch... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sarah (it) wrote: The 5th installment of my lovely guilty pleasure. Honestly, there's good reason why these movies aren't exactly "mainstream". That being said, I was entertained. Like all the others, it had its funny moments (many thanks to the awesome ladies!), its attempts at heartfelt or meaningful moments, and of course, lots of delicious sexy scenes. It was predictable, but that didn't matter. Seriously, if you've gotten this far (i.e. you've watched the other 4) you know what to expect, and chances are you'll like it just as much as you did the other ones. Nothing new exactly, but still enjoyable.What did this movie teach me? They make harry potter vibrators (shaped like a mini-broomstick for those who are wondering).

Jiri B (ca) wrote: Gut-wrenching and emotionally affecting, excellent acting.

Tasha D (mx) wrote: alyssa milano half naked nothings better than that

Meleki S (ru) wrote: Great comedy for the whole family!

Alice S (de) wrote: One of those movies, like "Friends With Benefits," that purports to break romcom genre conventions...and it does...quite wonderfully for a minute...then kinda weirdly for an unnecessarily large part of the film. Alison Brie and Jason Sudeikis play platonic besties to charmingly drugged effect. That moment when they admit to themselves that they're in perfect, agenda-less love with each other is so achingly beautiful, and it's such a waste that *spoilers (but as if you couldn't see it coming)* they end up together like every other Harry and Sally pairing instead of making good on the movie's second act premise that all Lainey and Jake want from their friendship is to teach each other how to love.The other plot point that tries to break genre is Lainey's addictive and abusive relationship with creepy doctor Matthew played by Adam Scott in over-stoic mode, which worked really well for his dramatic performance in "The Vicious Kind," but here, just smacks of a nothing character. Maybe that's who Matthew is, but there's gotta be a hint as to why Lainey was so obsessed for so much of the movie. The tonal shift from dorm hijinx to emotional Stockholm Syndrome is just inconsistent, as is the brief glimpse of true pathos juxtaposed with the baity, sex-sells title.

SV G (kr) wrote: This is one of those I can't quite love it but I don't exactly hate it either kind of a movie. VERY strange lil film over 20 yrs old now - storyline has a moral and a tale to tell but the script needed lots of work - however very strong and impressive performance here (very) by John Turturro which made it worth the watch, so if you are a fan of his as I am, then this should be on your must see list. Nice job by Jodie Foster and Tim Robbins as well - but this was Tuturro's spotlight.