Public Relations

Public Relations

A miserable Hollywood assistant who finds romance when her sexy New York counterpart arrives in town. A funny, fresh take on growing up - and getting laid!

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Public Relations torrent reviews

Alimuaman A (fr) wrote: lots of flim based on this kind of story... don't like this movie

Kevin D (jp) wrote: really good. thanks again to netflix for finding this one. not real thank God although I didn't know it was a mockumentary when I was watching it so it was kind of disturbing. but I loved it and definitely recommend.

Cille I (br) wrote: This is Blinkende Lygter, right? A paile of crap, mostly. Well alright, it does have a few funny catch phrases.

Aim M (nl) wrote: Just feel everything through the movie under your skin.

Tulka W (jp) wrote: weird funny just plain brilliant

Brett B (us) wrote: A terrific premise, solid direction, and one of Jerry Goldsmith's most intense and propulsive scores. Admittedly, the film makes no attempt to really be believable, but it's a neat romp while it lasts.

Wes S (jp) wrote: It's alright, not a highlight in the Hammer F'stein film series, but nothing to really say it's bad. The monster make-up is a hit or miss, while the story is composed of tired elements. The setting is pretty fresh, and there are many memorable scenes.