Puck heter jag

Puck heter jag

Romance blossoms between single seamstress Puck and the art critic, Roger. He is engaged to Elsa, whose wedding dress Puck is involved with designing.

Romance blossoms between single seamstress Puck and the engaged art critic Roger. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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bill b (jp) wrote: Interesting but nothing so great to be a feature

Jon H (ca) wrote: A good history and exploration of the rise of Anonymous and insight into the world of hacktivism, lulz and why you shouldn't piss off people with keyboards.

Pierluigi P (au) wrote: Only a tiny glimpse of the capacities of a daring filmmaker who long ago had the power, will and talent to incite, inspire, repel or seduce audiences with a particular realm of sexuality and the human condition. Bertolucci seems to have come to terms with his age and his poor health condition, something that brings to my mind the loathsome and sad phrase: "geriatric filmmaker". It tries to revisit all his themes, but can't live up to it's creator's reputation. Conventional and tiresome.

InsertUname H (it) wrote: Oh my god. I thought I would never see an animated movie that's worse than the abomination released from Don Bluth and can only take the name of A Troll in Central Park. I thought there was nothing worse than that movie. I promised that if anyone, any single person could find an animated movie that is worse than Troll in Central Park, they amaze me. Well, I have just amazed myself, for I have never seen an animated movie worse than this. I'm actually surprised that this movie just came out on DVD. I was stupid enough to watch this load of crap and give the Space Chimps series a second chance. If you have never watched this movie, I envy you. So as I review Space Chimps 2, I'm going to compare this movie to A Troll in Central Park to see which movie is worse. THE ANIMATION Ah, the animation. It is what truly makes the animated movie, for if it was devoid of animation, it would just be a movie. For TiCP, the animation was mediocre at best, but it was at least better than a few other animated movies and many television shows at the time. For Space Chimps 2, however, this animation is a Video Brinquedo standard. This animation does not qualify for a movie. Not even for a TV show. This animation is like the graphics on a Nintendo 64. Obviously, TiCP has the better animation than Space Chimps 2. THE PLOT Space Chimps 2 only rides on the plot of the original crap of Space Chimps. For a more original story, TiCP wins this round. THE DIALOGUE This is the only field where I think both movies tie in quality. Both movies have some of the worst dialogue I have ever heard in my life. While the dialogue in TiCP is either bland as heck or makes no sense, Space Chimps 2 is jam-packed with corny references and jokes that are just utter garbage. So for this round, it's a tie. OVERALL I really am shocked for finding a worse movie than A Troll in Central Park. I thought it wasn't possible. So forget Doogal, forget Shrek the Third, forget Quest for Camelot, forget the Tom and Jerry movie, forget The Pebble and the Penguin, forget Yu-Gi-Oh, forget Digimon, forget the original Pokemon trilogy, forget any Disney movie direct-to-DVD sequel ever made, forget any movie made by Video Brinquedo, forget the original Space Chimps, forget Rock-a-Doodle, forget Don Bluth's Thumbelina, and forget the CGI sequel to Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. Space Chimps 2: Zartog Strikes Back gets the award for Most Awful Animated Movie of All Time, hands down, no questions asked. Now if you can find an animated movie worse than THIS, that's just incredible.

Kevex X (de) wrote: lol Don't trust the ratings. It has only 6 reviews. This movie is garbage.

David S (gb) wrote: Lou Diamond Phillips' performance was amazing, proving the man does have talent. However, the film itself is rather bland thanks to incredibly flat direction by Stephen Pruvis. The script is rather sluggish, and even though the writers do try to inject a few twists into the proceedings they are by and large fairly predictable. Interesting for noir aficionados, but everyone else can just skip it.

Amanda H (br) wrote: Usually I really try to sit through an entire movie no matter how bad it is, but this one just made me want to hurt someone. The soundtrack is terrible and overpowers the dialogue. The acting is flat and heartless. The plot is seriously lacking in anything of interest. There's just nothing and nobody to like in this film. Don't waste your time.

Ewa G (gb) wrote: Almodovar's fines work, or at least in his top two. Loved it!

First L (kr) wrote: Simply one of the most gorgeous movies ever made, as well as being very funny, heart rending, and spiritual.

Ty N (gb) wrote: The last great Christmas film with Will Ferrell giving a hilarious performance.

Troy K (fr) wrote: This should be required viewing for everyone in this country even though it is aimed at a younger audience. The synopsis is off and although it does start off with sometimes corny generalizations on the ease of such ventures, halfway through gets very real about how the drug war is effecting all of us.

Daniel C (it) wrote: Witty and silly at the same time, Zoolander is a comedic classic of the early 2000s.